Gorgeous, Stylish and Incredibly Functional!

The Peel 520 has a sexy, eye-popping design taken straight from the iPhone’s style and a noticeable elegance.

We all want durable and robust materials that can endure the rigours of daily use. That’s why the Peel 520 is made this way; it can satisfy even your most demanding needs.

The Peel 520 was expressly designed with the iPod Touch’s dual cameras in mind, because we know that a device without a camera is like a car without an engine.

You can still take impressive pictures, record Hollywood-style videos and make interactive video-calls, thus exploiting the entire potential of your iPod!

That’s not all because the Peel 520 has an additional battery that DOUBLES your device’s life, allowing you to enjoy the Peel 520 Experience even more!

Advanced Technology For You.

The new Peel 520 is endowed with advanced, high-quality improved cellular hardware, as well as cutting-edge software that will make your life easier.

If you’re wondering about call quality – don’t worry as you’re covered on this one…

The call quality you’ll experience is simply brilliant, allowing you to enjoy clear sound without annoying echoes when you call your friends, colleagues or family!

The software that fuels the Peel 520 is more responsive and makes the device run faster, avoiding the typical slow response that users of replicas sold elsewhere have to deal with.

Caller ID is supported and a high-quality microphone as well a standard earpiece are seamlessly built-in so you don’t have to have an additional speakerphone or earphones.

No other device can offer you such features and we’re sure that you’re going to be simply AMAZED by our wonderful and extremely functional Peel 520!

It Works Worldwide.

It doesn’t matter where you’re based.

Whether you’re in Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America or even on a remote island in the Pacific, the Peel 520 is going to work with your iPod Touch smoothly, and we guarantee that it’ll work on your cellular carrier.

The Peel 520’s GSM functionality was specifically engineered to work in ANY part of the globe, satisfying the desire of thousands of people all across the world who want a usable and affordable alternative to the iPhone.

Usually, when you’re purchasing replicas you’re literally gambling with your money as they might not work as expected, plus none of them offer an honest return policy.

From the beginning we wanted to make your life easier and now that’s possible thanks to the ease of use of the Peel 520.

You only have to pop-in your SIM card and voilà – You’re ready to make your first call!

Functionality to the Max!

The Peel 520 not only includes the GSM functionally; have a look at what else is waiting for you.

  • GPRS Access: Access the internet in any country via the GPRS standard. This is perfect for those who need to be connected anytime, anywhere, whether at home, in the café or even in the library!
  • Custom Ringtones: Customize SMS and Call ringtones with your favourite songs, sounds and melodies! If you’re like us, then you’d love to personalize your iPod /iPhone so that everyone will notice.
  • Powerful Phone App: Yosion has developed an amazing phone application. Everything is almost like an original iPhone: caller ID, call history, address book and vibration mode – you won’t notice the difference!
  • FM Radio and Integrated Bluetooth: You can listen to almost ANY local radio station in your area while you’re jogging, having a walk or literally doing anything. Also, Bluetooth is integrated into the device with the possibility of using your own hands-free headset!

Get Your Peel 520 NOW!

Our shipping is completely FREE of charge to any part of the world (standard airmail shipping). If you just can’t wait to get your hands on the Peel 520 device, you have the option to upgrade to 5-day expedited shipping, for an extremely low cost of $20.

Our promise is that you’re going to LOVE and ENJOY your brand-new Peel 520 and we give you 15 days to try it with no strings attached and if, in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, we will refund your money in full!

We’re basically assuming all of the risk for you, so you can be confident when purchasing from us!


Honest Money Back Guarantee.

We absolutely guarantee that our product will work in your country and if for whatever reason it doesn’t or you’re just simply dissatisfied with your purchase we’ll be happy to refund your money.

We’re an honest and established online business and thousands of happy customers are the living proof of that. With us, you’re completely covered!