How to upgrade the Yosion Apple Peel 520 Call and SMS apps to the latest available version

  • Required: Jailbroken iPod Touch 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation with YosionApp already installed
  • Open Cydia, on the bottom tap Changes. Below the heading Available Upgrades you will find an upgrade: YosionApp. In the upper right corner tap Modify, tap Upgrade and Confirm.
  • Tap Restart SpringBoard
  • Done! Click the new installed apps to start calling and texting!

PeelApp Version History:


PeelApp Version 1.8.0
+ Fix: GPRS now fully functional on iOS 4.3.3, 4.3.4, 4.3.5, 5.0
+ IMEI Registration requirement removed
+ Various stability, interface and other fixes
+ App renamed to “PeelApp”
+ New source: peel520.hk/cydia

YosionApp Version 1.6.7
+ Fix: Custom ringtones are now fully working
+ Fix: GPRS functionality improved for several carriers (4.3.3)
+ Adds support for 4.3.4 (tethered jailbreak)
+ Fix: Heat while using the “Charge” function was greatly reduced
+ Fix: Issue where the iPod would be stuck in safe mode

YosionApp Version 1.6.0
+ Fix: Call history entries can now be deleted
+ Fixed an issue with outgoing texts being splitted in 5+ parts
+ Big speed improvements with Phone.app and Messages.app

YosionApp Version 1.5.9
+ Fix: Incoming SMS messages are no longer written in Chinese
+ Improved caller ID features (on calls/texts)
+ GPRS improvements
+ Stability & interface fixes

YosionApp Version 1.5.6
+ Fixed an important issue with 1.5.5 where the Peel wouldn’t turn on.
+ Re-registration is advised.

YosionApp Version 1.5.5
+ Save unsent SMS’s
+ Fix: Calls received while on another call weren’t recorded
+ Fixed an issue with +86 numbers
+ Added a confirm prompt when importing contacts
+ Added an icon in the status bar for new messages
+ Note: All users must re-register with the software since Yosion upgraded their servers

YosionApp Version 1.5.4
– Issue: GPRS on 4.3.x is still being worked on
+ Fixed issues with the call logs
+ Added retina elements to the interface
+ Fixed various small bugs with the software

YosionApp Version 1.5.2
+ Retina dialer interface
+ Fixed issues with SMS sending
+ Fixed an issue with call times over 60 minutes
+ Added a progress bar when sending messages

YosionApp Version 1.5.0
+ Fixed an issue with iPod charging with the Peel’s battery
+ Customs ringtones now fully working
+ Fixed an issue with signal bars not showing on the lock screen
+ Added an “About Me” menu to view info about our hardware

YosionApp Version 1.4.7
+ Fixed SMS issues with empty contacts
+ Tweaked the interface of incoming call in Phone.app
+ Bluetooth device names tweaked
+ Added a phone icon to call history
+ Incoming phone symbol in call log is now red
– Issue: calls sometimes hang up when a text comes in
+ Status bar layout fixes
– Custom ringtones functionality from iPod’s music (in progress)

YosionApp Version 1.4.6
+ Disallow sending SMS’s to empty contacts
+ New interface for incoming calls
+ Fixed an issue with pairing Bluetooth devices
+ Added an FM icon to the menu
+ Add incoming symbol to call history
+ Updated the status bar layout
+ Fixed status bar interference issues with other apps
+ Fixed the 0% signal issue

YosionApp Version 1.4.2
+ Fixed display issues in the list of Bluetooth devices
+ Fixed a problem with Contacts.app
– Ongoing issue: signal always appears as 0%
+ Ringtone order changed

YosionApp Version 1.4.1
+ Added speaker toggle to FM radio
+ Connecting a Bluetooth headset automatically puts the device in hands-free mode
+ Unread SMS’s and missed calls now trigger a badge on home screen icons
+ Top-left “Yosion” changed to iPod

YosionApp Version 1.4.0
+ Retina Messages.app icon
+ 4.3.1 GPRS fixes
+ Battery icon: fixed an issue where 100% wouldn’t appear

YosionApp Version 1.3.9
+ Interface tweaks and new menu icons
+ iPod restarts in Safe Mode when there is a crash
+ Blank message problem;
+ Retina Phone.app icon
+ Top-left “iPod” changed to Yosion

YosionApp Version 1.3.8
+ Chinese translation tweaks
+ Added a popup for when you plug in a headset (with mic/without mic)
+ Lifetime Call time statistics
+ Tweaks to FM radio functionality
+ SMS ringtones changed

YosionApp Version 1.3.7
+ Many fixes in-call
+ Timing problem for outgoing calls fixed
+ Empty SMS’s can’t be sent
+ MMS input menu
+ Fixed an issue where the app would shut down immediately when opened

YosionApp Version 1.3.6
+ SIM interface tweaked (now shows if SIM is pulled out)
+ GPRS stability increased

YosionApp Version 1.3.5
+ Increased GPRS speeds
+ Call duration now starts when the call is connected
+ Hidden settings menu (for troubleshooting): call *#7466*#

YosionApp Version 1.3.4
+ YS icon changed to CALL in Phone.app
+ Battery icon tweaks
+ GPRS connection panel remade
+ Fixed an issue where enabling GPRS would turn off the Peel 520

YosionApp Version 1.3.3
– Issue: Incoming calls are automatically hung up
+ Headset interaction with the software

YosionApp Version 0.9.9
+ Support for iOS 4.2.1/4.3.2

YosionApp Version 0.9.7
+ Improved call quality
+ minor SMS bugs fixed
+ Names of apps changed to “Phone” and “Messages” instead of “Yosion” and “YsSMS”

YosionApp Version 0.9.6
+ Improved speaker volume
+ Contacts can be saved to SIM card
+ SMS bugs fixed
+ Multiline input in SMS interface
+ Auto save of current SMS when exiting the SMS interface
+ Automatic lock of the screen when a call is connected

YosionApp Version 0.9.5
+ Improved speaker volume
+ SMS and icon bugs fixed
+ Support for SMS in landscape mode

YosionApp Version 0.9.4
– Sometimes characters do not show up correctly in received SMS text messages (iOS 3.1.2/3.1.3/4.0)
– Signal and battery icons are not shown in the top bar (only in iOS 4.0)