Apple Peel 520 II+ 3rd Generation Hands On

We are finally getting ready to release the 3rd generation Peel 520 II Plus! Exquis promises many improvements with this device. It looks and feels amazing, and is a tremendous improvement from the 2nd generation device. will be launching this new Peel 520 in a very short time, with the same warranty, tech support, fast deliveries and company friendliness that our fans and customers have become used to!

We received a video from Exquis a few days ago. Have a look:

We’ll be posting more info as time goes.

Peel 520 II Plus 3rd Generation Notification List

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  • Henrickjissang

    witch version ios is going to be compatible ?
    It is compatible with ios 5.0 ,5.0.1 and 5.1????





    Exquis has already released the 3rd Generation Peel 520 in China (locally) since December so that all the bugs can be addressed and fixes can be implemented to prepare for a full international release. Support on the Generation 2 hasn’t stopped but it has slowed down to support the development 3rd Gen Peel.

    Peel On,


  • Chi-Yung Chan

    how long does it take to ship to seattle?



      It takes 2-3 weeks for free shipping or 3-5 days for paid shipping.


  • Juan Manuel Rosales

    Does the new PEEL solve the problem of need to disconect the GPRS to receive calls?

  • Juan Manuel Rosales

    Does it solve the problem of need to disconect the GPRS to receive calls?

  • Mike

    Mind pointing to a repo? Seems like the included CD is blank (no I am not crazy, the cd is empty!) …


  • Anona Mous

    Do we know the differences between the Peel II and Peel II+? (other than looks)

    It seems they’ve removed the push buttons from the Peel (except for the Power/sleep button… can’t say I like the volume up/down cutout, looks harder to use).  
    Seems like a larger rubber flap to put SIM in.
    -So the phone is totally software driven now? (Can’t answer/off the Peel by hardware button?) 
    -How does the Peel II+ itself turn on/off?
    -Is the headphone/docking volume fixed? (Is the software the same as available for the Peel 520 II?)

  • Askerbrat

    What is the expected price of the 3rd gen Peel ?

  • Montesmike1

    it is compatible whit IOS 5.0.1? because i have 2nd generationand dont work whit IOS 5.0.1

  • stardon3

    and is there a suport comming for apple peel 520 2?? on iso 5.0.1 



    Just FYI. The Peel 520 II plus supports all version iOS 5.


  • Josebaalday

    and the actualization for the version 5.1 of the peel 520 2g???


      Yosion/Exquis are still developing software for iOS 5.1. It should be soon now that the Peel 520 II Plus is out, they should release an update soon. Thank you.


     Yosion should release an update for iOS 5.1 soon since the Peel 520 II plus is out on the market. There focus has been on the release of the new peel. We expect a release in the near future. For now, the best option is to downgrade in firmware. Thank you.

  • Lucas ward

    if it dosent work u can downgrade the ipod


    Yes it does!!


    I will send you the latest update through email. Cheers!!

  • Dick55

    no it does not support 5.1.1 


      Yes, it support iOS 5.1.1

  • guest

    why did yosion make a design change on the plus? is it better?


      Faster, different design, supports iOS. 5.1.1