Changing “iPod” to your carrier name [Tweak]

Many people have asked us how to change “iPod” (in the top-left corner of your screen) to your carrier’s name – or to anything, really.

It’s fairly simple to do.

Install iFunbox (on PC) or iExplorer (on Mac).

Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/
There will be a file called N81AP.plist.
Open it in Notepad or TextEdit and search for device-name.
Just under it, you’ll see iPod – simply change that to whatever you like.
Save the file and close iFunbox/iExplorer.
Now go to, under Settings, and tap “Respring”.

Enjoy! :)

  • Blaheblah

    Ok, thanks :)
    I’ll do this once the Apple peel comes.

  • matt

    There is actually an easier way to do this, with sbsettings insstalled you can click the “more” button after swiping down in ios5 or across in >ios5 then go to “System wide options” and go to make it mine

  • Iliaking100

    hey peel 520!!
    i have selled my peel 520 to my fried and he cant install it because when he put the imei it says that the imei is repeated i tried to delete my app that instaled and it havn’t worked!!
    what can i do maybe you can delete my s/n from the peel servers?
    tanx :P


      Contact us and we’ll fix it for you.

  • Julius Berger


  • Mike

    Alex, this could also be done with the free version of iFile (a cydia app). By far much simpler than ssh.

    Mike from iFans

    • Anona Mous

      ‘By far…’? ssh?

      iFunBox is easier to read…no need to install ssh.

      • Ruben

        Thats rigth but a computer neded MakeItMine can you download from cydia. Just paste a text.

        • Anona Mous

          And iFunBox does a -lot- of other useful things… whereas MakeItMine does one thing, if it works. I’ve tried it… no luck. Then there’s SBSettings and iFile, apparently. To each their own.
          ‘Easier’. Hmm

  • Iliaking100

    hey :P
    i have an imei repite because i have sold my old ipod and bought a new one with more GB and now i cant conect the apple peel :(


      Contact us and we’ll reset your registration.

  • Judas

    Can I swich the Ipod Name with the Battery bar position ?

    • Anona Mous

      Not likely, unless you can find an app to do that (none that I know of, but I don’t know that much ;). I don’t think it’s much in demand.

    • Sam Wise

      Use springtomize

    • Sam Wise

      My mistake First go to Cydia, manage, Sources, edit add and then go to search and look for arrangestatusbar and download and install it then goddess the home button return to home screen look in settings and it should be there and customize it however you want XD

  • Zack Hable

    You also could just get a cydia tweek where all you have to do is enter the text and respring.

  • Yogev

    Is there an option to buy only the small upper plastic part of the peel?
    Cause I lost it :/


      We don’t distribute it, but you could contact exquis at to see if they might sell it to you.

  • Danny Tran

    Hey, I have a question. How do you completely shut off your device like hold the power and slide to power off with the peel on? Because whenever I try it, it just keeps turning my idevice back on.Help?


      Make sure the Peel is turned off as well (turn off the Peel, then the iPod).

  • Ruben

    There is also an easyer way. Cydia => search on MakeItMine. Its very god

  • Ghost of Christmas Past

    Well, I won’t hesitate to be the bearer of bad tiding…
    Seeking an update about biteSMS, I posted on biteSMS forum, in the Peel520 thread, and got this answer…

    “Not getting excited about working in it, as the numbers appear to be very small.”

    My inferred translation: Peel520 version = dead meat.

    Oh well. After I figured out deleting the Chinese language folder got me SMS messages in English… biteSMS became less necessary for me.

  • Aga_germina

    Thanks. i’ve made it. :)