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Decisions, Decisions…

With all of the updates and advances, it can be tough deciding which electronic device to buy. You may have even bought an iPad, iTouch, iPhone, or even an Android, and realize that you need more features and should have probably bought the other device. You just hate to rush out and buy the next model- because that would be admitting defeat and accepting that you have wasted all of that money. The device you bought still has some great features, so if you are like most people you just “make do”. You put up with a lesser device, silently wishing you had bought something else. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have things “both ways” and have all of the great features of both of the devices that you wanted? Wouldn’t it be great to have your “cake” and “ice cream” too? Well now you can!

You Can Have it All!

Now, the Skyroam Gmate can help you make all of your dreams come true with the Gmate! Now, there is no reason to sit and stew kicking yourself over purchasing the “wrong” device! Regardless of whether you purchased an iPad, iTouch, iPhone, or even an Android, the Gmate discreetly makes all of these devices better so that you can have the best of all worlds.

Key Features Transform Any Device!

Do you have an Apple iPod Touch and really wish you had an iPhone? Problem solved –connect your iPod Touch to the  Gmate, and automatically enable iTouch with all of iPhone’s features with the addition of voice calls, sms, and Internet access via the Gmate’s GPRS/EDGE.

Do you travel frequently? Do you already have an iPhone or Android phone but are sick of how inconvenient it is to swap SIMs as you go from location to location to location? It’s a genuine pain to have to carry all of that extra hardware around and take the time to swap everything out! Problem solved – Just insert your 2nd SIM into the Gmate and you too can now enjoy dual SIM features it’s like enjoying two numbers on your favorite smart phone, while maintaining only a single phone book, sms, and call logs.

Do you have an Apple iPad or one of the various Android Pads? Aren’t you sick of losing your internet anytime you take a taxi, subway, bus, or take a walk in the park and so forth? Problem Solved – link with Gmate and enjoy voice, sms, and Internet access anywhere, anytime all of the time!

Don’t you just hate all of the chunky and obtrusive devices we all seem to be carrying around these days? Problem solved – The Gmate is small, comes in black or orange to match most devices, and the magic of Bluetooth means you can hide it away and use it discreetly


Stop resenting your device and fall back in love with it again! Get the Skyroam Gmate today and let Gmate transform your device’s limitations into solutions!


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