Repository for Peel 520 II Plus (3rd Gen)

Hi all,

The repository for this new peel is :-)

  • Richard-_almeida

    There will be an update for the 2nd generation Apple Peel 520

  • Richard Almeida

    There will be an update for the 2nd generation Apple Peel 520

  • Zenonas Michaelides

    working on peel 520 II 2nd gen??

  • Fortunateman1

    Hi ! My name is JUNIO,  I came from USA… I added: and then i installed it to my ipod touch 4th generation IOS 5.1 and after that It needs to UPGRADE…I don’t how to do that.
    Please! Help me

  • Edoardo Candido

    But the app works on the 2nd gen peel too?


    No updates yet on the old peel.


    We, will send you the software by email.


    iOS 5.1.1, I will send you an email with further instructions. No worries and Cool Beans!!


    Yes. I will send you an email with further instructions. We will get you hooked up!!


    Send us an email to We will get you take care of.



  • Jonlxh

    Hi, I use os 5.1.1!  how do I get set up?

  • Ice-snau

    Can someone help me I still can not installed the PEEL 520 with the IOS5.1


      Where was the Peel purchased from?

      Customer Service*

  • Dark Space797

    i have peel 520 2g but i have faild to make it work, so please can anyone help me


      What exactly have you tried to make it work?

  • Marcio Penglai

    I can not make it work, ios 5.1

    I get calls but I can not dial. to dial icon does not open.

    Please help me, thanks


      Was the Peel purchased at our site?

  • Marco B.

    Hello, I bought the peel plus 520, installed on an ipod v. 5.1.1 ios sw version peel 2.51. I’m in Italy and I tried it with a sim tim and a sim wind.
    the phone works, but often makes calls and receives a message “INVALID SIM” and switch it off and on again.
    I contacted support and after numerous e-mails they told me to send it back for replacement because they think it is a hardware problem, I think it’s because the software and since the expedition to China with tracking costs $ 50 before shipping let me know if there are others with this type of problem. thanks



      If it says INVALID SIM, remove the PIN from the SIM. Insert it into another phone and remove the SIM PIN. Then reinsert the SIM back into the Peel.