Yosion Bluetooth Companion (520 III) Installation

Yosion Bluetooth Companion Installation


1. Jailbreak iDevice

2. After Jailbreak. Connect via Wifi temporarily to the internet and go into Cydia, Manage, Sources, Edit, and Add the following source: http://apt.yosion.com

3.  Return to Cydia, Manage, and select the source : Yosion.com

4. Enter Yosion source, install Libstatusbar, Mobile Substrate, Substrate Safe Mode, OpenSSL, and AirBlue Stack, Core Utils, Erica Utilities, Bluetooth phone support, and Yosion BT Call. If it is not displayed properly, please search the installation.

5. After install, restart your iOS device.

6. Enter phone : Settings, Register, enter random 15-digit IMEI number that came with your Yosion Bluetooth Companion.

7. Enter the phone settings, select GPRS, Keep WiFi connection on. Download GPRS software. It will automatically connect to a wireless network profile. After successful download, select OK, and automatically log off. Installation is complete.

If you have any trouble with installation then send us an email at info@Peel520.net and we will take care of you.


  • Alan_q_b

    this is compatible whit apple peel 520 2g?

    • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

      Yes, it definitely is.

  • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

    Update your firmware to iOS 5.1.1

    • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

      I will send you the latest software through email. Thank you.

      • GilGedje

        ive already update my firmware to IOS 5.1.1 and still dosent work u suggest i try again?
        my problem is that the Phone app is closing at the ssame time i open it and my peel isnt charged so how i charge it?

        • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

          You can charge it by connecting your iPod to it and charging like normal through the bottom. Did you delete any previous Peel software you had on there? If you do, you need to uninstall that in Cydia before you install the new software. This could be why it is happening.

  • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

    I will send you the latest software through email. Cheers.

  • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

    This is not a Peel. It is a companion device that connects via bluetooth.

  • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net


  • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

    I will send you an email with the latest software. Cheers!!

    • Paulomouratocosta

      Hi, i have a ipod 4g with ios 5.1 and i have a yosion peel 520II and i cant put the ipod work?i instal the software 1.8 u came in the site and didnt work can same one help me?thanks

      • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

        You need the Peel software v1.7 not the 1.8. The v1.8 is for iOS 4.x

  • exquis

    Hey, i always get an error “Wrong imei”.
    Can you help me?

  • Frank

    Hi Peel520.net,

    I have an Apple Peel 520 II, not a plus.The app crashes for me on the cydia.peel520.net source.How should I let it work?



    • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

      Send us an email to info@peel520.net. We will take care of you!!

  • Dick55

    i down loaded everything you said, and when i went register my imei . it said non imei . i am not sure what or if i something wrong . Please help 

    • http://www.peel520.net/ Peel520.net

      What device are you referring to?

  • Feameimban

    I just update my ipod to 5.1.1 and downloaded already the settings in cydia. Still it doesnt work. Im using ipod 4th gen and peel 520 2nd gen. Please help. My email if feameimban@yahoo.com