Bored? Chat with us Live!!

Introducing Live Chat


So your bored at home and have no one to talk to and you decide you want to go online and chat with us. Well, guess what? Instead of sending us an email, now you can chat with us live for as long as you want. Excited? That’s what I thought. If we actually like the conversation, we may offer you a quick discount off your purchase so it pays off to keep us company every now and then. You know, summer is winding down, Olympics are over, it gets pretty lonely around these streets. So, we welcome techies like yourself who can spend all day talking about Apple products and gadget like the Peel 520 II Plus and stuff. Hey, you may be able to score an online date with one of our female agents, oooohhhhhhhhh ;)

Tell Us What You Like Added to our Product Line

We would like to expand our product line and need your help. Tell us what you would like added and we will do our best to do so. We have already had a request for Cow Dung Cookie bite and Laughing Gas, but we opted not to add it at the last minute. I know, you Sad, ohh well. Anyways, today it was short and sweet. Have a good Weekend. Till next time, Cheers.