7 Content Marketing Tools for 2019

7 Content Marketing Tools for 2019

12/03/2021 Off By admin
7 Content Marketing Tools for 2019

Content marketing at a high level is a very technical job. It’s easy when you are just blogging for fun; however, if you are responsible for the success of your company’s content marketing department then this is a serious issue and you know how complex this type of work can be.

Having the right tools for the job can help you tremendously and that is why we put together this article on the top content marketing tools for 2019. The content marketing tools that we selected are a combination of free and paid tools and they are not listed in any specific order.

Without further ado here are the top content marketing tools for 2019

  • Hubspot

Hubspot offers great customer support and has a variety of tools which monitor and creates effective blog posts and landing pages. The two top tools that Hubspot offers for free in regards to content marketing are the Make My Persona tool and the Blog Ideas Generator tool. The Make My Persona tool generates professional, customizable buyer persona documents with the help of a quick and intuitive generator. The Blog Ideas Generator fills in the fields with terms that you’d like to write about, and comes up with a week’s worth of relevant blog post titles quickly.

  • Buzzsumo

This is a multi-purpose research tool that can help you in analyzing which content is performing better depending on the topic or competitor. It helps in populating the highest rankings and most influential or social trending content on the website which is a match to the terms you are searching. It enables you to see some metrics such as backlinks and social shares as well as the influencers sharing certain contents. This tool offers the first five searches for free. As a internet marketing consultant I use this tool almost daily to find topics to blog about for my clients as well as my agency.

  • WordPress

This is probably the most used among the content marketing tools around the world powering about 30% of internet content. This tool is open source content management system (CMS) allows you to build and host websites thus you can host your site. It has a template system and a plugin architecture that allows you to customize your website to fit your blog, business or portfolio.

  • ClearVoice

This is a full content marketing ecosystem which is paired with marketplace this bringing three things together, that is, content creation, publisher communities, and branding for creative collaborations.

  • Copify

It’s very difficult to create leave alone find good writing as the creation of quality contents needs intensive researching, designing, drafting, and editing. Copify is a marketing tool which passes its copywriters through a long qualification process to provide quality content on demand.

  • Renderforest

Renderforest is an online tool for creating various videos, intros, explainer animations, promotional videos and a lot more, right in the cloud in minutes. A large gallery of video production and animation templates and stories, 195.000+ Royalty Free stock footage access through an online video editor, commercially licensed music collection for video creation usage are at your disposal.  All the editing process is done online. You can upload images and videos, play with color palettes and texts.

  • Yoast

This tool is essential to content marketing. You can produce the best content in the world but if there is no SEO incorporated into it then your results will be lackluster. This is the reason why we choose Yoast as a content marketing tool even though it is considered a SEO tool.

Yoast is a plugin for WordPress it focuses on SEO and helps in the optimization of keywords, titles, URLs, slugs, and meta descriptions among other tasks. It also an easy to use and intuitive plugin that has a setup wizard to walk you through the tool the first time you use it.  

SEO tasks can be technical but Yoast makes it easy you can upgrade which has a feature to find related links on your website to interlink with.

Investing in search engine optimization is a long term investment which improves the website rankings which in turn increases brand visibility, leads and ultimately sales. However concentrating on SEO only neglects other digital marketing methods.

  • Google Docs

Google makes some really great tools and Google Docs is one of my favorites which I use daily for content marketing.

We use Google Docs to do our all of our content writing on. Using Google Docs is way more practical than using a standard word doc. With a Google Doc you can share a link to the document and have the option to allow editing or just viewing. This makes collaboration with teammates a breeze as all team members can work on the project together.

Another helpful feature with Google Docs is the adding notes feature. These notes are very useful for the content manager communicating with their team of writers. They writers can simply see the feedback and quickly apply the changes. Giving feedback to your team of content writers is very important because you want them to grow and improve in the role.