7 Tips for Effective Guest Blogging in 2019

7 Tips for Effective Guest Blogging in 2019

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7 Tips for Effective Guest Blogging in 2019

When it comes to promoting your blog and generating more leads for your website, guest blogging is probably the single most powerful way of doing that. Guest blogging can help you get to your targeted audience and engage them in a way that’d make them check out your pitch. If you haven’t incorporated guest blogging in your content marketing strategy, then it’s time you start doing that because there is no way better than guest blogging for generating meaningful leads for your website.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get with guest blogging:

  • Increased Traffic to your website
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Helps attract new customers
  • Builds trust and authority
  • Maximizes content marketing return on investment

If done right, guest blogging can result in great returns. Here are 7 Tips for Effective guest blogging in 2019

1.      Find Blogs Relevant to Yours

It only makes sense to write in the blogs which are relevant to your niche. Let’s say you own a blog about marketing tips and you are writing a guest post for a blog that deals with the fashion industry. That would be stupid right? That’s because the targeted audience for both of these blogs is different. And it doesn’t even matter if the blog that you are writing on has a high Domain Authority, the audience there just won’t read your content because it is not valuable for them.

So the thing to take away here is, research finds and builds connections with the blogs that are relevant to yours and then write on those blogs for getting maximum output.

2.      Write Winning Content

This is the best way to create content that’d surely be a hit. You need to research and find the very similar keywords using the marketing tools and best paraphrasing tool online to see what peoples are searching for. It will help you in your targeted guest blogging site is offering and how you can respond to that content or even enhance it. People are already visiting that site, you just need to find out what they’re interested in and then you just need to improvise. This’ll help you create content that is most likely to be famous and also helps maintain good relations with the website owner.

3.      Proper Keyword Research always helps

Keyword research is an intrinsic part of the content marketing strategy. Content marketing also includes guest posting. You need to do proper keyword research about the topic that you are covering in your guest post and place your targeted keywords at just the right places. It would be not good for you to stuff your content with keywords. A small amount of well-put keywords is enough to give you the results that you are after.

4.      Write to Add value

A very common mistake that beginners do when writing a guest post is they go with what I call a promotion-based approach. They go with the mindset that they are going to be promoting their own blog and their content clearly reflects that mindset. Although one of the reasons behind guest blogging is generating more leads but doing it in a way which totally destroys the quality of your content is a bad idea.

A good content writer knows that the best way to make people read your content is to give them exactly what they want. Find out what people are looking for and then use that knowledge to add value to them. Now the rest is up to you how you give them what they want and in turn get them to check out your blog as well.

5.      Once approved, Share your Guest Post to different forums

Once you have reached out to a relevant blog and get the permission to do a guest post, the next step would be to share your content on different social media as well as social bookmarking forums. This would be a win-win situation for both your blog as well as the blog that you are posting on. This tactic would help bring more traffic to your guest post and in turn to your blog.

It also helps increase your authority and trust in the eyes of your existing and potential customers when they see your post in popular forums.

6.      Deploying Link Building in Guest Blogging

We said before that guest blogging can help generate new leads for your website. However, how do you do that? Simple, you integrate your link building strategy with your guest blogging strategy. Every content marketer knows the importance of backlinks. Guest blogging can help you generate high-quality links that link back to your website.

What you need to do is, you need to add a link back to your website either in your guest post or the author bio. But make sure to avoid using a direct approach when linking via guest post. Meaning, you shouldn’t be tool blunt when adding a backlink because that’d come under the promotion concept. There is always in opportunity in your guest post to promote your blog in a non-obvious way and every content marketer knows that. Just make sure that your content is centered on value-driven approach but do it in a way that also makes you link to back to your blog as well.

7.      Engage your Audience

Publishing your guest post is just the first step. You need to make sure that people reading your guest post are fully satisfied with your content. Meaning, you must reply to all of the queries that might come up in the comment section by your targeted audience. You need to engage them most genuinely. That’s how you turn potential leads to actual ones. This also helps in getting more approved guest posts when the owner of the guest blog sees you genuinely engaging their audience.

Final Words: These tips are enough to get you started with your guest blogging endeavor. According to Neil Patel, Backlinko and SEO Magnifier the strategic guest blogging can multiply the results of your content marketing strategy by many folds. Make sure to add guest blogging in your overall digital marketing strategy.