Are Adam Hills and Ali McGregor still married?

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Are Adam Hills and Ali McGregor still married?

Adam Hills (born 10 July 1970) is an Australian comedian and radio and television presenter….

Adam Hills
Spouse Ali McGregor ​ ( m. 2009)​
Children 2
Notable works and roles Spicks and Specks (2005–2011, 2021–) Adam Hills Tonight (2011–2013) The Last Leg (2012–)

Who is married to Ali McGregor?

Adam Hillsm. 2009
Ali McGregor/Spouse

Where did Adam Hills meet Ali McGregor?

She met up with Hills again in Ireland and they went to a music festival where they discovered they had the same favourite book – Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume – and … well, there it was.

When did Adam Hills get married?

December 29, 2009 (Ali McGregor)
Adam Hills/Wedding dates

Who is Adam Hill’s wife?

Ali McGregorm. 2009
Adam Hills/Wife

How did Adam Hills lose his foot?

Born in Australia, Adam Hills was delivered with a birth defect – a missing foot. Wearing a prosthetic leg, the comedian doesn’t consider himself “disabled”. “There’s nothing I can’t do,” he said in a revealing interview.

Who is Josh Widdicombe married to?

Rose Hanson

Josh Widdicombe
Years active 2008–present
Spouse Rose Hanson (m. 2019)
Children Pearl Widdicombe, Cassius Widdicombe
Notable works and roles The Last Leg (2012–present) Fighting Talk (2014–2016) Josh (2015–2017) Insert Name Here (2016–2019)

Who is Rob Becketts wife?

Louise Wattsm. 2015
Rob Beckett/Wife

What is wrong with Josh on the last leg?

Brooker was born with hand and arm deformaties and wears a prosthetic leg, having had his leg amputated as a baby. Having trained as a journalist and worked for newspapers, his first TV appearence came in 2011, in the form of the Paralympic World Cup for Channel 4.