Are Cyma AEGS good?

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Are Cyma AEGS good?

CYMA’s VFC AKs are known to be best of their price range in terms of performance ranging from good out of the box to really good, but all are known to be very reliable.

Is the CYMA M14 good?

Although heavy, the CYMA M14 Socom CM032a is probably the best gun I’ve seen to date. It has outmatched even top-brand aegs like the KWA M4 CQB. For the record, there’s hardly any difference between the original and SOCOM versions of the CM032 besides about 6 inches of barrel length difference.

Who makes CYMA airsoft?

One Airsoft manufacturer that has stood out through thick and thin is the CYMA Company based out of China. CYMA’s guns are becoming very popular in the airsofting community. There are few problems with CYMA as a brand.

Is KWC a good brand?

KWC faucets have a reputation of being very reliable with a long service life free of problems. The proprietary KWC cartridge is one of the best and most KWC faucets are equipped with the incomparable NeoperlĀ® aerator.

What country is CYMA Airsoft?

SG Airsoft Dublin Ireland CYMA.

Where is CYMA airsoft based?

CYMA are one of the biggest manufactures of bb guns and Airsoft products in the world. Based in China, there is two cyma factory one is making cheaper guns and one makes more pro stuff.