Are Lund boats worth the extra money?

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Are Lund boats worth the extra money?

In my estimation they are as good as you can buy in aluminum. They have a great ride compared to many others out there. They also hold their value well. I don’t think you can go wrong if you find one in good shape at a fair price.

Are Lund boats made in Canada?

Lund Boats Canada, Inc. manufactures boats. The Company offers core fishing, sport, and utility and hunting boats.

Do you really need a transom saver?

the correct answer is,yes,you need a transom saver. even though boats are designed to flex and move in the water,they are not designed to be rigidly mounted to a trailer with a motor bouncing on the back that is flexing and stressing the transom with every bounce.

Are Lowe and Lund the same?

While they are both very capable aluminum boats, both brands have different purposes and target different segments of the market. Lund Boats are high-quality boats, and that is reflected in the price. Lowe Boats are a lot more affordable but lack some of the features that come standard with the Lunds.

What does WC stand for in Lund boats?

The bare hull weight is very close. I wouldn’t consider either for rough water fishing. I have a Alaskan 1600 and it’s hull is more than double the weight of the WC or SSV, and I wouldn’t consider it a rough water boat.

How heavy is a 14 foot aluminum boat?

14 Foot Jon Boat Weight: Average weight of 275 pounds (125kg) which is based on an average hull weight of 160 pounds (73kg) and average 15hp engine weight of 115 pounds (52kg).

Is a Lund a good boat?

Lund makes good bass fishing boats, and you’ll find many of them on the water out in the Midwest. You’ll also find that their support network is strong, and you won’t have any trouble finding replacement parts when you need them.

Does Lund own Crestliner?

Lund and Crestliner are owned by Brunswick Corporation, the largest marine manufacturer in the world. For additional information about our boats and our brands visit and Since 1948, Lund has been building boats from the heart of lakes country in New York Mills, Minn.