Are NGK spark plugs interchangeable?

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Are NGK spark plugs interchangeable?

Due to differences in design and material, plugs in cross reference section are not exactly alike. NGK product engineers collaborate closely with original equipment manufacturers to design glow plugs to specifically fit each individual application.

How do you match spark plugs?

Replacement spark plugs must be the same size as the original (same hex size, diameter, thread pitch and length), and have a similar “heat range” (hot enough to resist fouling when the plug is cold, and cool enough to resist pre-ignition when the plug is hot).

What do NGK Spark Plug numbers mean?

The heat range of a spark plug is the range in which the plug works well thermally. The heat rating of each NGK spark plug is indicated by a number; lower numbers indicate a hotter type, higher numbers indicate a colder type.

Are Denso spark plugs any good?

While both NGK and Denso are both quality companies that make stellar spark plugs, it comes down to personal choice. You may like one above the other, but both are great spark plug brands, that have durability, longevity, state-of-the-art technology and more. Regardless of any spark plug you buy.

What does the Q stand for in Champion spark plugs?

“Q” Type: Uses a wire wound inductive coil (or electromagnetic suppression) to reduce RFI without negatively affecting ignition performance. “Q” type suppressor plugs are specified for most Evinrude and Johnson outboard engines with CDI. “X” Type: Have a special resistor to meet more stringent RFI requirements.

How can you tell if an NGK spark plug is real?

5 Signs That Your Spark Plugs Are Fake

  1. Look at the top of your spark plug. There is a slight hollow in the top of NGK spark plugs.
  2. Check your spark plugs’ threads and stamps.
  3. Check the alignment of the brand name.
  4. Check for a number on the hex nut.
  5. Look closely at the packaging.