Are there any fan made Pokemon games?

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Are there any fan made Pokemon games?

Pokemon Light Platinum is one of the most complete ROM based fan games to date, at least that’s what the fanbase says. The game is based on Pokemon Ruby and pits new Pokemon generations against older ones with updated graphics, a large variety of Pokemon, different regions, and gyms.

What is the best fanmade Pokemon game?

The 15 Best Fan-Made Pokemon Games

  • 8 Pokemon Prism.
  • 7 Pokemon Reborn.
  • 6 Pokemon Fire Ash.
  • 5 Pokemon Radical Red.
  • 4 Pokemon Uranium.
  • 3 Pokemon Clover.
  • 2 Pokemon Phoenix Rising.
  • 1 Pokemon Insurgence.

What Pokemon games came out 2014?

On May 7, 2014, Nintendo revealed the games Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in a teaser trailer, remakes of the third generation games Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. They were released worldwide in November 2014.

Is it illegal to play fan made Pokemon games?

So no, without consent, making a fan game is not, generally speaking, legal. There is something that creators can do if they want to make a fan game however, and avoid receiving a nasty cease and desist in their inbox.

Why was Pokémon Uranium banned?

In August 2016, after one and a half million downloads, the download links for Pokémon Uranium were taken down from the official website because the developers wanted to “respect Nintendo’s wishes”, after receiving multiple DMCA takedown notice letters from lawyers representing Nintendo.

Is Pikachu in every Pokémon game?

Pikachu is the mascot of the franchise, appearing in nearly every Pokémon game. It has appeared in every movie and is a regular in the Super Smash Bros. Pikachu is number 25 in the National Pokédex and Kanto regional Pokédex. When given a Thunderstone, it will evolve into Raichu regardless of its level.

Are Sonic fan games legal?

Sega has officially voiced its approval of fan-made Sonic games, as long as they aren’t sold for money or include illegal content. Sega of America’s Associate Influencer Manager, Katie Chrzanowski confirmed Sega’s view on the topic. Sonic has always had an engaged fan community.

Why do Nintendo hate fan games?

Nintendo protects its copyrights because they feel by doing so they maintain control of their brand and help increase its value. Nintendo protects its trademarks because they have to or they will be lost. Fan games primarily infringe copyrights, but also infringe on trademarks.