Are there crocs in Ord River?

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Are there crocs in Ord River?

The Lower Ord River in the East Kimberley has a very high population of saltwater crocs, with reports of 5+ metre salties being spotted!

Is there crocs in Kununurra?

Lake Kununurra is home to hundreds of relatively harmless freshwater crocodiles but authorities said it was the first time a “saltie” had made its way into the lake in several years.

Are there any crocodiles in Lake Argyle?

Crocodiles. Although Lake Argyle is home to the world’s largest population of Johnston River Freshwater Crocodiles, these prehistoric creatures are timid and generally considered not dangerous to humans. The locals at Lake Argyle swim in these waters and respect that this is the Crocodiles’ natuaral habitat.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Argyle?

The lake is considered safe to swim in, but as always, swimming in Northern Australian waterways is totally at your own risk.

Are there crocodiles in Fitzroy Crossing?

The Fitzroy river population of saltwater or estuarine crocodiles goes as far inland as Fitzroy Crossing, more than 300km from the coast. The Northern Territory had four fatal crocodile attacks in 2014.

Is it safe to swim in Kununurra?

The Diversion Dam divides the Ord River, splitting what’s known as the Upper Ord and the Lower Ord. Whilst the Lower Ord is a great spot for a fish, it’s home to many saltwater crocodiles, making the Upper Ord the safest place to swim, as it is only home to the freshwater variety.

Are there sharks in Lake Argyle?

Clean freshwater awaits all solo, duo or quad teams, no sharks, bluebottles, ocean rips or chafing, just a very pleasant 22 – 26 degrees in 980 square kilometres of lake to enjoy.

Can you swim in the Fitzroy River?

This is a long, relatively isolated beach exposed to moderate to high waves and with more than 20 rips. Take care if swimming here, stay on the inner sections of the attached bars and clear of the rips and river mouth, when open.