Automation and Energy Efficiency: How Can You Help Your Business?

Automation and Energy Efficiency: How Can You Help Your Business?

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Automation and Energy Efficiency: How Can You Help Your Business?

Keeping your small business on track may be costly. The costs of running a business may rapidly pile up, from machinery upkeep and upgrades to heating the facilities. That is why it is beneficial to search for methods to save costs wherever feasible. As a result, automating your workplace in the UK to conserve energy is a great starting point.

You can discover how automation might help you the most by assessing how much power your workplace uses and where it is used. Smart workplaces are those that use less energy. Once you have decided on automating your offices, you can also get the help of a utility bidder and choose a new supplier with lower prices.

How Can Automation Offer Energy-Efficiency in the UK?

Based on the type of local business you operate and where it’s situated, the solution to this issue may vary somewhat. However, the gadgets, equipment, and machinery that consume the most power in a workplace can typically be distilled down to a few specific items. You can automate these areas right now and start saving a lot of money.

Automation and Energy Efficiency: How Can You Help Your Business?

Now we will discuss the ways you can look for when you are planning to make your business energy efficient and more automatic, which will eventually bring more gain for your business and you. So, let’s look at them.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Heating systems are the most expensive energy costs for workplaces and other industrial spaces, contributing to more than 40% of overall energy use in some areas.

HVAC systems serve as the soul of any workplace, and automating these systems can help you reduce your overall electricity bills. So, how do you automate HVAC systems?

Modern HVAC systems come with sensors. These sensors consistently monitor several variables, such as outside temperatures, internal atmosphere, the number of people in a room, etc.

Therefore, these sensors keep on collecting data and soon come up with a helpful timetable that automatically dims down HVAC units to conserve power when these units are not necessary.

Lighting Equipment

When it concerns your corporation’s energy use, lighting is another crucial factor. In the United Kingdom, office sites will spend around 35% of their total energy on internal and exterior illumination. By using smart automation technologies, you can limit the energy usage in this department and save thousands every year.

These fixtures can also use modern sensors to check the ambient lighting outside the building and also assess the number of people and movement inside the room. So, these lighting systems can automatically power down and conserve energy when there is no need for illumination.

Moreover, you can also program them to shut off at a specific time and reduce your energy costs.

Computers and Other Electronics

Plug load gadgets are desktops, displays, and other gadgets that are hooked into sockets. In UK workplaces and industrial spaces, these gadgets account for about 5% of total energy usage. Automating such gadgets to conserve energy and be smarter can help reduce bills, lower your carbon emissions, and become profitable in the long run.

So, how can you automate such gadgets? There are two methods of doing this. Firstly, you can automate electrical outlets to shut off at a predefined time.

Secondly, you can use automation sensors for specific gadgets, such as computers, and monitor screens that will turn them off once they have been idle for a few hours. A combination of these options is the ideal way to automate such appliances in the UK.

Energy Efficient Behaviors

Using only energy-efficient solutions is not enough for getting a sustainable energy plan for your business. There are a lot more than that. You are required to also make sure that you and your employees are also adapting some effective behaviors.

For example, make sure that all the electronic devices, lights, and other things are switched off when they are not in use. Always close the doors when the air cooler or heating systems are on in the particular room.

Before leaving the office, ask the employees to switch off their systems along with the lights, printers, and any other electronic devices they were using. It is also advised to make sure that your employees have enough knowledge of devices using in an energy-efficient way.

Conducting training in this specific field can help you a lot. So, plan a short training program that will help your employees and business members to get some essential knowledge on automation and energy efficiency.


So, for your business, you need to keep in mind all these things. Apart from the ones that I have mentioned earlier, there is another energy-efficient way that you can opt for your business, and that is solar energy. You do now need to totally switch your power supply to the solar system. If possible, go with an infrastructure that will offer you the required power supply through solar energy, and for the back up you will have the traditional energy supply.