Can I buy Hero Impulse?

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Can I buy Hero Impulse?

To purchase Hero Moto Corp Impulse, you may visit the nearest authorised dealer in your city. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest authorized dealer and selecting your city accordingly –

Is Hero Impulse still available?

The Hero Impulse is a motorcycle produced by Hero MotoCorp Ltd. Production was discontinued in 2016, sales were stopped in 2014 due to poor demand.

What’s the price of Hero Impulse?

Impulse Price

Variant Ex-Showroom Price
Impulse 150cc69.8 Kmpl, 149.2 ccDISCONTINUED Rs.71,400 Compare

Is Hero Impulse a good bike?

The hero impulse is design like a dirt bike ,so very prime off the start if you able to shift properly you can leave every one in your dust ,it was also design to fit in between rocks and trees ,well cars and sing post are very much like those ,so quick of the start and very nimble sound like a good combo to me .

What is the top speed of impulse?

Hero Impulse has a top speed of 115 Kmph.

How can I buy impulse bike?

Buy secondhand Impulse from India’s first bike portal, running since 2007. Choose the bike you liked and contact the owner directly. Inspect the bike and buy it after verifying all documents. Get easy Used Bike Loan with low interest rate to buy a pre-owned motorcycle or scooter.

Which is best impulse or XPulse?

The Impulse had a Honda-derived 149.2cc engine whereas the XPulse 200’s heart is developed by Hero MotoCorp….

Specifications Hero Impulse Hero XPulse 200
Peak power 13.2PS at 7500rpm 18.4PS at 8000rpm
Maximum torque 13.4Nm at 5000rpm 17.1Nm at 6500rpm
Transmission 5-speed 5-speed

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What is the price of XPulse 200?

The price of Hero XPulse 200 starts at Rs. 1.23 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 1.28 Lakh. Hero XPulse 200 is offered in 2 variants – STD and the top variant XPulse 200 4V which comes at a price tag of Rs.