Can RLWL ticket be confirmed?

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Can RLWL ticket be confirmed?

RLWL tickets are confirmed only when someone from the remote location station vacates berth through cancellation. Remote location stations prepare their own chart 2-3 hours before the actual departure of the train. RLWL confirmation chances are usually very low.

Will waiting list 17 get confirmed?

It simply means that out of 17, 10 passengers have cancelled their tickets, and hence the number 7 (latter). Your ticket will only get confirmed if 7 more passengers who have already booked their tickets, happen to cancel them. Same goes for GNWL15/12 except that it falls under the general waiting list.

Is RLWL 4 confirmed?

Rlwl 4 , Rlwl5, Rlwl 6 . Will conform or not. … The confirmation chances of RLWL waiting are comparatively less. RLWL ticket confirmation depends on the cancellations of a destination confirmed ticket.

How many RLWL tickets get confirmed?

The confirmation probability of RLWL tickets remains low. GNWL (General Waiting List) is given first preference when it comes to confirmation. RLWL tickets are confirmed only when someone from your remote location station (boarding station) has vacated berth, through cancellation.

Will WL 40 get confirmed?

WL This is the most common waiting list. It is for tickets booked on the waiting list. Tickets on this list will advance to confirmed only if someone who else with a booked tatkal ticket cancels, so the chance of getting your ticket confirmed is small if your waiting list position is greater than 10.

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