Can you dye nubuck suede?

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Can you dye nubuck suede?

Dyeing Suede & Nubuck Dyes are great at returning suede & nubuck back to new. TRG Suede Dye have a range of colours available. The colours vary in shades and the original colour of the shoe plays a part in the end result.

How do you Recolour nubuck?


  1. Patch test for colour fastness before use.
  2. Use a brush to remove any dirt from the shoes.
  3. Shake can and hold 20 cm from the shoes pressing to spray.
  4. Apply evenly.
  5. Finish by using a brush to ensure even application of colour and to restore nap, and let dry for 15 min.

Can you spray dye suede?

Yes, you can and the process is as simple as dyeing suede any other color. After that moisten the suede with a spray bottle and then apply the dye. You can apply as many coats as you need till you get the right white color. Just let each coat dry first.

Can you dye nubuck trainers?

To dye your suede shoes you will need you will need: Fabric dye (we used Dylon Suede and Nubuck dye) Rubber gloves. A clean shoe brush. A sponge.

Can I use Dylon on suede?

– Dylon Suede & Nubuck Shoe Dye will change or restore the colour of your suede and nubuck shoes or boots. Dark shoes cannot be dyed to a lighter colour. – One pack will dye one pair of average size shoes or small boots.

How do you seal suede dye?

Good news – using Vaseline to seal dye is very simple. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline onto a cloth and rub the inside of the shoes, focusing on the areas that tend to fade most. Let the Vaseline act for at least 24 hours and then remove the excess product with a clean cloth.

Can you use coconut oil on suede?

Once the application process is done, take the suede brush and shine the shoes. In case of excess oil, use the piece of cloth to get rid of it. Coconut oil is one of the best alternatives as it is chemical-free and easy to apply. It is also among the cheapest oils, which make it affordable to most.