Can you extend Dublin airport parking?

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Can you extend Dublin airport parking?

You can amend the booking up to a maximum of 6 hours in advance of the pre-booked arrival time. Please go to and click on the ‘Manage my booking’ link. If you need to extend your booking and your car is in the car park already, please contact Customer Service via 01 944 0440.

Where do I park for arrivals at Dublin Airport?

Dublin Airport has 4,000 short term car parking spaces located beside Terminals 1 and 2. Short term parking is the most convenient option at Dublin Airport, offering you parking right outside the Terminal for quick arrival and departure. You can also book Fast Track to save time through security in Terminals 1 and 2.

Where do I pick up at Terminal 2?

T2 arrivals pick up location Terminal 2 pick-up will be located on L0 of the Terminal 2 West Multi-Storey Car Park.

How much is it to park at Dublin airport for a week?

All Short Term Car Parks: €3.00 for the first hour, €4.50 for every following hour and a maximum charge of €40.00 a day. All Long Term Car Parks: Express Red – €12 a day & Holiday Blue – €10 a day.

How long can I leave my car in a car park?

48 hours
IS THERE ANY RESTRICTION ON HOW LONG I CAN LEAVE MY CAR IN THE CAR PARK WHEN USING SMART PARKING? There are no restrictions and the normal tariff applies however, it’s advisable to inform the car park office if you are leaving your vehicle for longer than 48 hours.

What is Fast Track parking at Dublin Airport?

The Fast Track lane helps you get through Security quicker, by avoiding any longer queue times through main Security. If you’re tight on time or simply want more time to shop, grab a bite to eat or relax before your flight, our Fast Track service allows you make the best use of your airport travel time.

How do I pick someone up from Heathrow Terminal 2?

Heathrow Terminal 2

  1. Exit Arrivals.
  2. Take the exit opposite the Plaza Premium Lounge towards Car Park Level 1.
  3. Take the lift up to Level 2.
  4. Pick-up point is to the left when you come out of the lifts, in front of Row B.