Can you get alcohol in Lahore?

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Can you get alcohol in Lahore?

In Lahore, the second-largest city after Karachi, things are “dry, dry, dry,” said Daud. “The hotels are closed, so there’s no place to get local booze,” said the lawyer, who also asked AFP not to use his real name.

How can I buy alcohol in Pakistan?

Where to Buy Alcohol in Pakistan. Throughout the country, alcohol is legally served to non-Muslims at restaurants in five-star hotels, and those same hotels also usually have a small shop where beer and liquor are sold.

Is drinking alcohol legal in Pakistan?

Alcohol is largely prohibited for Muslims in Pakistan, but this doesn’t stop a black market from ensuring a supply of illicit liquor. Alcohol consumption has been controlled in Pakistan since 1977, when the populist government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto enacted prohibition laws, with isolated exemptions for bars and clubs.

Can you drink alcohol in hotels in Pakistan?

Today, alcoholic beverages are legally banned in Pakistan for Muslims only (more than 97% of the population), but the penalty of 80 lashes for drinking was repealed in 2009. And non-Muslims foreigners are also allowed to order alcohol is some hotels.

Does Pakistan have bars?

There are no bars since there are strict laws concerning alcohol, and it is illegal to drink in public. Waiter service is provided in the larger hotels and restaurants.

Is alcohol banned in Pakistan Army?

In 1974 the government banned the serving of alcoholic beverages in Pakistan Army’s mess halls. Famous Urdu poet, Habib Jalib (left), enjoying drinks in a restaurant in Karachi in the 1970s.

What is the punishment for drinking alcohol in Pakistan?

At present, consuming alcohol is punishable by 80 lashes in Pakistan. The popular discourse and the commonly held belief in Pakistan is that this punishment is based on religious injunctions, which enjoy consensus (Ijma).

Is Pakistan a dry country?

The subculture of liquor enjoyment belies Pakistan’s status as officially “dry”. That is, the 96% of Pakistanis who, according to official figures are Muslim, are not supposed to drink. Sometimes alcohol is taken in conjunction with narcotics.

Does Lahore have bars?

Lahore is the capital of the Punjab Province in Pakistan. While you won’t find nightclubs or discos, there are plenty of restaurants, movie theatres, and cafes scattered throughout town.