Can you join BMI as a songwriter and publisher?

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Can you join BMI as a songwriter and publisher?

Can a person be both a songwriter and a publisher? Yes. In fact, many songwriters set up a company to publish their own works.

Can BMI be my publisher?

At BMI, you need not affiliate a publishing entity in order to receive publishing shares, as we pay all royalties (writer and publisher) to the composer on any self-published works. Please note that while composer affiliation is free, there is a one-time fee to affiliate a publishing company with BMI.

What is BMI for writers?

Broadcast Music, Inc.
Broadcast Music, Inc. BMI represents more than 1.2 million songwriters, composers, and publishers with over 18.7 million musical works.

Do Ascap and BMI have the same writer and publisher terms?

Both ASCAP and BMI: Have a 50/50 split between Publisher and Songwriter (if you’re a DIY musician, you’re probably both)

How long does it take to become a BMI publisher?

Affiliate your company with ASCAP or BMI. (Count on approximately five weeks to get approval.) Complete an application and provide three potential names (ranked in order) for your publishing company. Visit and/or for more information and to obtain/fill out an application.

How do producers get royalties BMI?

BMI members can avoid any delay in receiving royalty payments by signing up for Direct Deposit to their bank account. Direct Deposit offers instant access to your royalty payments without the worry of waiting for checks to arrive, cashing them or misplacing them.

Who needs a BMI Music License?

BMI is a Music Performing Rights Organization Businesses which typically license music include broadcast radio and TV stations, cable radio and TV stations, places such as nightclubs, hotels, discos, and other establishments that use music in an effort to enhance their business.

How to contact the BMI Writer / Publisher Relations?

Contact information for BMI’s regional Creative departments is available for additional questions.

Do you have to be a composer to join BMI?

During this maintenance period you will not able to join BMI as a writer or publisher. Join the top songwriters and composers who have chosen BMI to ensure they get paid when their music gets played. Joining as a Classical composer? You will be signing a 2-year agreement.

How many music works does the BMI measure?

BMI represents more than 1 million songwriters, composers, and publishers with 15 million musical works. Follow Us. BMI represents more than 1 million songwriters, composers, and publishers with 15 million musical works.

Do you need an email address to join BMI?

Online affiliation is available to U.S. publishers. For payment of a one-time processing fee. A valid email address is required to receive and electronically sign the affiliation agreement and tax form. Joining as a Non-U.S. Publisher? You will be signing a 5-year agreement.