Can you mail Nothing Bundt cakes?

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Can you mail Nothing Bundt cakes?

Craving the sweet taste and comfort of a Bundt Cake? Delivery and curbside options are available at many bakery locations. Place your order online or give us a call today.

Does Nothing Bundt cakes sell their icing?

Frosting. We’re famous for the thick frosting petals that adorn each of our cakes. Our signature frosting is made with velvety cream cheese and real butter. For a lighter touch, choose our drizzle frosting.

Are you supposed to refrigerate Nothing Bundt cakes?

Our cakes are best served at room temperature. Keep refrigerated until a couple of hours before serving. Once cake is removed from the refrigerator, carefully remove plastic wrap or cellophane.

How much do you make at Nothing Bundt cakes?

Average Nothing Bundt Cakes hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.82 per hour for Senior Baker to $17.42 per hour for Assistant General Manager. The average Nothing Bundt Cakes salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $43,881 per year for Bakery Manager.

What is the best flavor of Nothing Bundt cakes?

Warne said her favorite flavor changes from time to time. But the No. 1 seller at her stores is definitely the chocolate chocolate chip, followed close behind by red velvet, white chocolate raspberry and lemon. Each one of those four most popular flavors are available in single-serving sizes every day.

How many calories are in a Nothing Bundt Bundtlet cake?

370 calories

How many servings are in a Nothing Bundt Bundtlet cake?

Moist bundt cake in all flavors like chocolate chocolate chip, lemon, white chocolate raspberry, and more. Also they come in many sizes like single serve or big enough to serve 16. And you can get fun decorations added and the cake wrapped up for any occasion.

How many points is a Nothing Bundt cake?

This is a skinny version of the Nothing Bundt Cake I love. 16 Servings at 6 Points+ each with the Chocolate Chips.

How many calories are in a lemon bundt cake?

Nutrition FactsServing Size1Calories (cal)370

How many servings are in a bundt cake?

Bundt cake pans vary in size, and are often measured in cups: A 10-inch, 12-cup pan is the standard size. For both types of cake, expect to get 12 to 16 slices.

How many calories are in a vanilla Nothing Bundt cake?

What are Nutritionix Track app users eating from Nothing Bundt Cakes?Product NameCaloriesChocolate Chocolate Chip Bundtlet 92 grams330Classic Vanilla 10 inch Cake 81 grams290Classic Vanilla 8 inch Cake 76 grams280Classic Vanilla Bundlet 78 grams28011

How many carbs are in a bundt cake?

Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving% Daily Value *Cholesterol (mg)3512 %Sodium (mg)47020 %Total Carbohydrate (g)5619 %Dietary Fiber (g)28 %5

Does Nothing Bundt cakes have sugar free cakes?

No, unfortunately there is no option for sugar free cakes.

How many calories are in a Nothing Bundt white chocolate raspberry raspberry cake?

410 calories

How much is a Bundtlet?

Nothing Bundt Cakes MenuIndividual$3.991 Pc.Bundtlet Bundle Box$45.0012 Pc.

What is the flavor of the month at Nothing Bundt cakes?

During the months of June and July, Nothing Bundt Cakes will launch a new Bundt cake as its flavor of the month(s). Starting June 1, the chain is offering the new Lemon Raspberry flavor. It features zesty lemons and raspberries to create a refreshing taste for late spring and early summer.

What’s the difference between a bundt cake and a regular cake?

Bundt cakes do not conform to any single recipe; instead, their characterizing feature is their shape. A Bundt pan generally has fluted or grooved sides, but its most defining design element is the central tube or “chimney” which leaves a cylindrical hole through the center of the cake.

How can I get a free Nothing Bundt cake?

Sign up for their e-club and get exclusive offers and insider news from your favorite bakery, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and they will give you a FREE Bundtlet Cake for your birthday!

Are Nothing Bundt cakes made from scratch?

Unfortunately, Nothing Bundt Cakes doesn’t say much other than their allergen disclosure: The cakes contain wheat, milk, eggs, and soy. So we had to start from scratch with this one, and we decided to keep it really simple. We could have made the cake completely from scratch.

How many calories does a bundt cake have?

Nutrition FactsCalories 160(669 kJ)Total Fat8 g12%Saturated Fat2 g10%Trans Fat0 gCholesterol25 mg8%11