Can you mortgage after acquired property?

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Can you mortgage after acquired property?

The mortgagee (who is the lender) will include in the mortgage an after-acquired property clause which provides that the mortgagee will have an equitable lien, which is a right to have property used to repay a debt, in all the real property that the mortgagor (who is the borrower) obtains after the mortgage is executed …

What is after acquired collateral?

After-acquired collateral refers to property pledged as security for a loan. The lender agrees to extend a loan that will be secured by the assets that the borrower acquires after the loan is made (after-acquired collateral).

Which of the following can be considered after acquired property?

According to the Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC, which has been widely adopted in one way or another in almost every state, the following can be considered after acquired property: Any improvements made to real property that is a security on a mortgage or deed of trust.

What happens to a creditor’s security interest if collateral is sold and the sale was authorized by the security agreement?

Attachment – when a security agreement is executed and the debtor acquires right in the assets subject to the security interest (collateral). The creditor’s security interest becomes enforceable.

What does acquired property?

Acquired Property means any real or personal property, plant, building, facility, structure, underground storage tank, equipment or unit or other asset used in the Acquired Business or otherwise owned, operated, leased, or used by the Acquired Entities. Sample 2. Sample 3.

What is the doctrine of after acquired title?

“After-acquired Title” is a legal doctrine recognized in many jurisdictions which provides that, when a grantor purports to convey or mortgage property to which he is not vested, any title subsequently obtained by that grantor automatically passes to his grantee by operation of law.

What is all present and after acquired property?

A collateral class registerable on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). It includes all personal property over which the grantor has an interest both at the time a registration is made and after. This is sometimes abbreviated to ‘AllPAAP’.

What types of contracts fall under Article 2 of UCC?

Article 2 of the UCC governs the sale of goods, which is defined by §2-105 and includes things that are moveable, but not money or securities. It does not include land or houses. Contracts between merchants are also governed by article 2 of the UCC.

What is self acquired property?

Self acquired property is the property that you have purchased from your own income. As far as your self acquired property is concerned, you are free to dispose of it in any manner you like.

What is the after acquired evidence doctrine?

After-acquired evidence is evidence of an employee’s misconduct during the period of employment which the employer discovers after the employee’s discharge on other grounds. The evidence is usually discovered after the employee has filed a lawsuit.

Does AllPAAP include real property?

The personal Property Security Act (‘PPSA’) does not cover real property. These types of property remain subject to existing state and territory registrations. All Past and After-Acquired Property (‘ALLPAAP’): a registration over all past and future property.