Can you replace a spindle on a trailer axle?

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Can you replace a spindle on a trailer axle?

Far from a do-it-yourself job, trailer axle spindle replacement requires more than average results. Each new spindle addition must be installed securely and absolutely square with the trailer axle. If it is off by any amount, wheel tracking problems and premature tire wear are imminent.

Can I weld a new spindle on trailer axle?

There are very few bolt-on spindles available; in fact, most spindles are welded to the axle tube. Replacing a spindle requires breaking the existing weld and then welding the new spindle in place.

When should a trailer spindle be replaced?

If the spindle is damaged then the bearings won’t ride properly and can fail again or it can cause other problems such as uneven or excessive tire wear and ride quality problems. If the spindle is damaged then you can’t really repair it and the whole axle should be replaced.

Are trailer spindles hardened?

Spindles are not tempered such as spring steel. Spindles only bear weight and all the wear is on the race and bearing which are hardened. It takes time but its fairly easy to lay metal with a wire feed then use a file, maybe a grinder if you lay too much on.

When should I replace my spindle?

A spindle that has had excessive heat from a burned bearing will be damaged to the point that it needs replacing. Sometimes the bearing is stuck on the spindle and cannot be taken off. Other times the spindle is obviously damaged due the bearing burning up and hub falling on the axleshaft which rides on the spindle.

Can trailer axles be repaired?

Fortunately, replacing the axle is not necessary unless it is extensively damaged. With welding skills and attention to detail, axle repair is possible. It is, however, important to weld the axle after straightening it in a step-by-step manner to prevent the axle from warping.

Can you fix a bent torsion axle?

If the torsion bar that connects the frame brackets together is bent, then you would need to buy a new axle. However, if the spindle on the torsion axle is bent, you can replace it.

What material are axle spindles made from?

Spindle steel varies from low grade mild steel to a higher grade medium tensile steel like AISI 1045 and come in both solid round & square.

What are trailer spindles made of?

Expert Reply: TruRyde spindles, like # TRU57FR are made of automotive quality high strength steel.