Do Ford still make the S-MAX?

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Do Ford still make the S-MAX?

Ford pioneered the fun-to-drive MPV with the first S-MAX, but the latest model is an even more rounded product. Still, the S-MAX is an excellent MPV and should definitely be on your shortlist if you’re looking for a seven-seater, with driving manners to shame everything this side of a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

Where is Ford S-Max built?

It shows inspiration from the seven-seater large MPV Galaxy, and compact MPV Ford C-Max….First generation (2006)

First generation
Ford S-Max (pre-facelift)
Production 2006–2014
Assembly Belgium: Genk (GB&A) (2006–2014) China: Chongqing (Changan Ford) (2007–2009) Russia: Yelabuga (Ford Sollers) (2012–2014)

Is a Ford S-Max an SUV?

Okay, you’ll have to ignore the fact that it’s not a trendy SUV, and there is a whiff of ‘airport taxi run’ about it, but don’t assume that the S-Max is a boring family plodder – historically, it has been one of the sportiest MPVs around.

Is a Ford S-Max a good car?

It might not come with quite as many high-tech driver assistance systems as some more expensive seven-seaters, but if you’re looking for a practical MPV that’s easy to live with and surprisingly fun to drive, the Ford S-Max is well worth a look.

How reliable is Ford S-Max?

The S-Max has a good reliability record, on the whole, most faults centring on the electronics, so check that everything works as it should. Items like rear parking sensors, climate control systems and rear window demisters are the first things to pack up.

Are Ford S-Max reliable?

Does Ford still make the Galaxy?

Sharing its platform architecture with the Ford Mondeo, the Galaxy was developed alongside the Ford S-MAX; the model line is slotted between the Connect and Custom variants of the Ford Tourneo/Transit model family….

Ford Galaxy
Production 1995−present
Body and chassis
Class Large MPV (M)
Body style 5-door MPV

What is the difference between Ford S-Max Zetec and Titanium?

There’s three trim levels to choose from – Zetec, Titanium and Titanium X Sport – and all are well equipped. For instance, all models get climate control, parking sensors and alloy wheels, while the Titanium adds cruise control and DAB radio and LED daylight running lights.

When did the Ford’s Max come out?

The Ford S-MAX has been around since 2006. This particular generation has been on the scene since 2015, offering buyers a different approach to the MPV. It’s not easy being an MPV after all, looks and driving experience tend to be at the bottom of the list, but Ford ensured this generation of S-MAX wasn’t going to fall short in these areas.

Which is the most stylish Ford’s Max?

Traditionally seen as the most fun to drive MPV, the revised second-generation S-Max is now as stylish as ever, with Ford upgrading its exterior with the same design motifs as the refreshed Galaxy.

What kind of safety system does Ford’s Max have?

S-Max’s also have an advanced neck protection system, three point seat belts, optimised pre-tensioners, load limiters, anti-submarining seat subframes, a collapsible steering system and safety pedals.

Is there going to be a 2020 Ford’s Max?

Now at its second generation and based on the same platform as its more traditional looking MPV brother, the Galaxy, the 2020 Ford S-Max has received a mid-cycle facelift at the same time as its architecture-sibling.