Does Antigua have good snorkeling?

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Does Antigua have good snorkeling?

Antigua, in particular, is one of the best areas to snorkel in. With 365 wonderful beaches, there is an abundance of places to explore. Great Bird Island Beach – With their shallow reefs and tropical fish that swim right up to the shore, this is an easy location to snorkel and enjoy the sights along the coast.

Are there coral reefs in Antigua?

Antigua is a volcanic island with scattered hills and highly undulating coastline. Antigua has fringing coral reefs which protect large portions of the east, north and south coasts, while the west coast has larger areas of sandy bottom and scattered reefs to the far west.

Where can I see turtles in Antigua?

Resorts with options to catch a glimpse of the sea turtles include The Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua and Hermitage Bay. Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua is an all-inclusive resort along 1,600 feet of beautiful pristine beaches. With just under 200 rooms, the resort also features three restaurants and four bars.

Which Caribbean island has best snorkeling?

Best snorkeling spots in the Caribbean

  • Jamaica. A small island offshore from Negril, Booby Cay is also one of the best spots for snorkel newbies who might not be up to venturing into deeper waters.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Curacao.
  • Anguilla.
  • Bonaire.
  • The Bahamas.
  • Cayman Islands.
  • Antigua.

Are there jellyfish in Antigua?

Natural Dangers & Annoyances Stinging jellyfish do make an appearance at times in Barbuda’s Codrington Lagoon and along Antigua’s west coast. Jellyfish Squish, sold locally in big supermarkets, quickly takes out the sting.

Are there crocodiles in Antigua?

They can be found on beaches and small island formations without any freshwater source, such as many cays and islets across the Caribbean. They are also found in hypersaline lakes; one of the largest known populations inhabits the Lago Enriquillo.

Are there dolphins in Antigua?

Antigua & Barbuda has hundreds of wrecks to explore and good shelf diving. Arrange for diving equipment through your hotel or guest house. One of Antigua’s most exciting and thrilling activities is Swim with the Dolphins, swim with the dolphins program.

What are the best beaches in Antigua?

Dickenson Bay. One of the best beaches in Antigua is also one of the most popular. Dickenson Bay is home to a number of big hotels and resorts, so it’s buzzing with people on the sand and in the water. There’s also a pretty little deserted stretch on the south end for those like me that prefer a bit of a calmer experience.

Is there scuba diving in Antigua?

The twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda are a dreamscape for scuba divers. Spend a lengthy diving holiday in style during your stay at this beachy paradise. You can expect lovely warm, clear water are your trip to Antigua and Barbuda.

Where are the beaches in Antigua?

Beaches in Antigua. There’s a lovely white-sand beach on Pigeon Point at Falmouth Harbour, about a 4-minute drive from Admiral’s Inn. With calm waters and pristine sands, this is the best beach near English Harbour , but it’s often crowded, especially when a cruise ship is in port. It’s ideal for snorkelers and swimmers of most ages and abilities.