Does Cooler Master have good cases?

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Does Cooler Master have good cases?

That’s almost 29 years of producing high-quality hardware. Looking at the facts, Cooler Master PC Cases are among the best right now in early 2021. Cooler Master is best known for its airflow quality, and that’s the most important factor in choosing a PC case.

What legal battle did Cooler Master lose?

The Hague Court in the Netherlands destroyed a patent claim from Asetek, involving Cooler Master for ‘lack of inventiveness’.

Which Cooler Master case is best?

Best Cooler Master PC cases 2021

  • Best overall: Cooler Master Cosmos C700P.
  • Best high-end airflow: Cooler Master H500P Mesh.
  • Best quiet case: Cooler Master Silencio S400.
  • Best budget airflow: Cooler Master MasterBox NR600.
  • Best small form: Cooler Master NR200P.

Is the Cooler Master H500 loud?

Noise. With and without mesh, the H500 falls exactly where it should on the chart. 40.9dBA with the mesh front is on par with the H500M and H500P Mesh, while 39.3dBA is right between the H500P and H500M with a glass front panel.

Does Cooler Master use Asetek?

Cooler Master has ponied up $600,000 to Asetek, a company that specializes in CPU and GPU liquid solutions for a variety of markets, after losing a dispute in court over patent infringement. The matter officially comes to a close as Cooler Master’s $600,000 payment was received today by Asetek.

Can Cooler Master NR200 fit Matx?

But as is, the CoolerMaster does not fit a standard MATX.

Is the Cooler Master MasterCase H500 good?

We can strongly recommend the H500 at its price-point. If you wanted the H500P Mesh but found it too expensive, this seems to be the price-break. Thermals are good, the price is good, and Cooler Master includes two options for the front panel.

Why did Asetek Sue Cooler Master for patent infringement?

The lawsuit, which looked to impede the sale of Cooler Master products Nepton 120XL, Nepton 240M and Seidoen 120 V v.2, stated that Cooler Master was infringing on Asetek’s European EP 1 923 771 patent, which describes a water cooling mechanism.

Who is the company that was sued by Cooler Master?

Asetek, a company known for designing water-cooling solutions for PC hardware that it sometimes licenses to other manufacturers, has lost a patent infringement lawsuit it had levied against Cooler Master.

Is there a similar patent to Asetek’s?

However, The Hague’s court has accepted Cooler Master’s argument that they too have a similar patent to Asetek’s, through a so-called “utility model” that already exists in China, which describes (and patents really show their problems here) the “operation of a water pumping engine device with chamber”.