Does Kevin Costner play Wyatt Earp?

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Does Kevin Costner play Wyatt Earp?

It stars Kevin Costner in the title role, and features an ensemble cast that includes Gene Hackman, Mark Harmon, Michael Madsen, Bill Pullman, Dennis Quaid, Isabella Rossellini, Tom Sizemore, JoBeth Williams, Mare Winningham and Jim Caviezel in one of his earliest roles.

Why did Kevin Costner leave Tombstone?

Earp’s story, he believed, would be the perfect vehicle back into the genre. Costner quickly teamed up with Kevin Jarre, the screenwriter behind the 1989 Civil War movie Glory. When the two men could not find equal ground, Costner left Tombstone to produce his own project, which eventually became Wyatt Earp.

Who played Doc Holliday when Kevin Costner played Wyatt Earp?

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid: Doc Holliday. Jump to: Photos (4)

Is there film footage of Wyatt Earp?

As far as anyone knows, Wyatt was never recorded on cinematic film. As the Old West faded from reality into myth, other notorious Western figures, such as Emmett Dalton, Bill Tilghman and Henry Starr dabbled in motion pictures.

What is the most accurate Wyatt Earp movie?

Logically, 1946’s My Darling Clementine should be the most accurate telling of the Gunfight Behind the O.K. Corral, since Wyatt Earp shared his memories with friend and director John Ford. For entertainment value, it may be the best film on the subject, but it ain’t history.

Is Tombstone or Wyatt Earp better?

To the question of which is better, Tombstone easily walks away with the crown. A great script and performances – especially from a scene-stealing Val Kilmer – make it the more entertaining biopic, while Wyatt Earp feels leaden and bloated, which isn’t helped by its 3-hour plus runtime.

What was the name of the movie about Wyatt Earp?

Kevin Costner was originally involved with Tombstone (1993), another film about Wyatt Earp, written by Kevin Jarre.

What happens to Wyatt Earp in law and order?

Holliday assists Earp in locating Rudabaugh, whom he dislikes tremendously. Wyatt receives word that Ed has been killed, having shot and killed both his assailants before dying in the street. Wyatt returns to Dodge City to help bring law and order, during which time Wyatt kills his first man, witnessed by actress Josie Marcus.

What was the difference between Tombstone and Wyatt Earp?

Wyatt Earp, released six months after Tombstone, was the less successful of the two films, taking in $25 million on a $63 million budget, compared to Tombstone’s $56 million domestic gross on a $25 million budget. The film did debut at No. 4 at the box office, however.

Where did Wyatt Earp live during the Civil War?

During the American Civil War, teenaged Wyatt Earp lives on his family farm in Pella, Iowa, while his older brothers Virgil and James serve with the Union Army. Wyatt attempts to run away, intending to lie about his age and join the war, but his father catches him.