Does National Guard have cyber security?

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Does National Guard have cyber security?

Here, the Guard’s growing cyber force fights on the frontlines of this digital domain. Cyber Soldiers are trained to execute offensive cyberspace operations, conduct computer network defense, and detect malicious activity on the electromagnetic battlefield, using advanced military networks and cyber weapon systems.

What is a National Guard unit?

National Guard units are under the dual control of the state governments and the federal government. The majority of National Guard soldiers and airmen hold a civilian job full-time while serving part-time as a National Guard member.

How long is AIT for 17a?

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for MOS 17C is scheduled in two phases: first, 25 weeks of training in Florida, then 20 weeks in Georgia.

Does National Guard have 17C?

Army National Guard – 17C Cyber Operations Specialist.

What are the duties of a cyber protection team?

Teams of cyber protection experts undergo an exercise to validate their ability to locate, defend and counter attacks targeted toward critical infrastructure, systems or platforms. Cyber Protection Teams, or CPTs, are mobile teams who travel to various locations to work on an issue or help protect a mission and the platforms associated with it.

What jobs are there in the National Guard?

One of the most exciting career fields offered by the National Guard is military intelligence. If advanced technology and intel get you excited, this is the career path for you. Jobs include: information technology specialist, cable systems installer, microwave systems operator,…

What are the branches of the National Guard?

The National Guard consists of two branches: the Army National Guard (ARNG) and Air National Guard (ANG). Both branches of the National Guard always need good enlisted recruiters to find qualified personnel and assist them with joining the military service.

What is a cyber protection brigade?

The Cyber Protection Brigade is made up of Cyber Protection Teams, manned by a mix of soldiers and civilians. The brigade will have 20 of these teams, each with about 39 personnel. The teams will conduct defensive cyberspace operations in support of joint and Army missions, according to information from Army Cyber Command.