Does Santa Ponsa have good nightlife?

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Does Santa Ponsa have good nightlife?

One of the best things about nightlife in Santa Ponsa is the variety. It’s a great resort for families to enjoy an evening out together, with everything near enough to be able to have a drink and a bite to eat without having to walk too far.

Is Santa Ponsa a lively resort?

Situated on the South West coast area of Majorca, Santa Ponsa is a lively resort at its busiest between May and the middle of October, however, that does not mean it should be overlooked for a winter break as well.

How much is a taxi from Santa Ponsa to Magaluf?

The quickest way to get from Santa Ponsa to Magaluf Beach is to taxi which costs €11 – €14 and takes 8 min.

Is Santa Ponsa full of Irish?

Lots of Irish people come to Santa Ponsa, it has been affectionately known as little Ireland by some, the hotels balconies are often draped in Irish or Celtic flags/towels etc and the Irish quarter at the top of the hill, up from the beach and right of the roundabout has lots of bars and eateries along it.

Is Santa Ponsa quiet?

Santa Ponsa is a relatively large holiday resort, but still with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. There are many activities in the area near Santa Ponsa.

Is Santa Ponsa good?

Santa Ponsa can be what you want it to be. There are places where it is loud and rowdy, and also other places that are good for families and couples. The beach is beautiful, and it is in a very good psoition for transport to other places on the island if that is what you fancy.

Is Santa Ponsa expensive?

Re: Is Santa Ponsa expensive??? I thnk it’s about the same as everywhere else. You can pay as much as you want for things, there are cheap deals, and there are more expensive ones, you just have to sho around a bit.

Is Santa Ponsa better than Palma Nova?

Palmanova is quite the opposite to Santa Ponsa, wherein the atmosphere is a lot quieter and calmer even with its wide selection of bars and restaurants to visit. Palmanova may be better for families with older children (from 7 and upwards) or teenagers that you can take out and enjoy quality time with in the evenings.

Is Santa Ponsa nice?

How much is a taxi from Santa Ponsa to Andratx?

The quickest way to get from Santa Ponsa to Andratx is to taxi which costs €18 – €22 and takes 12 min.

Is Santa Ponsa good for couples?

How long is the transfer from Palma airport to Santa Ponsa?

What is the Palma Airport to Santa Ponsa transfer time? A private taxi transfer from Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) to Santa Ponsa takes as little as 35 minutes. A shared shuttle transfer to Santa Ponsa takes 45-55 minutes.