Does Smolov Jr work for squat?

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Does Smolov Jr work for squat?

Smolov Junior is fine but usually recommended for bench or deadlift. I have experienced far greater results from running the base cycle for squats alone. This is without benching or deadlifting once in a three-week period.

How much weight does Smolov Jr add?

Progression and Results. Like Smolov, results vary drastically between lifters. Lifters are reporting 20-35 Lb increases to the bigger lifts like Squats and Deadlifts, and about 15-30 Lb on the Bench Press in three short weeks.

Does Smolov Jr build muscle?

The Smolov squat routine was designed to help Soviet and Eastern bloc weightlifters and power athletes (shot putters, discuss throwers) add size, strength and power. It’s an excellent program for adding muscle mass provided you combine it with good nutrition practices and proper recovery.

How much did Smolov increase your squat?

Throughout the program, Smolov demands three to four days per week, with some weeks squatting back to back days. Strength gains have been noted between 50–130 pounds (22–58 kg). Popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline through his books.

Is smolov JR good for bench?

Smolov Jr. is an abbreviated version of the Smolov squatting protocol. It is also very often used for bench press. For many of you, this 4-day per week regimen will include some of the toughest sets you’ve ever attempted.

Can you bench 4 times a week?

Make no mistake, bench pressing 4 times a week is not something you should approach lightly, nor should it be your “go-to” program for the balance of the year. Use it occasionally and intelligently, and start building a bench that’s reflective of your commitment to the iron game.

Does the Russian squat program build muscle?

Often dismissed as a mere leg day staple, loading bumper plates onto a bar, getting low and driving upwards engages a laundry list of upper body parts – your shoulders, back and abs among them. “As it’s a compound movement, squats will assist in building muscle in your entire body.

How effective is Smolov?

So, you’re getting about 1lbs of PR per five reps. Even if you get the 100lbs claimed on Smolov, you will have done approximately 900 working reps to get that gain. In other words, the efficiency is about half that of a basic program like Starting Strength.

Can I bench four times a week?

Should I bench 3 times a week?

So how many times per week should you bench press? Most powerlifters will train bench press 2-3 times per week. By doing this, you can gain sufficient practice with the bench press technique, as well as plan different training adaptations (strength, hypertrophy, power) on separate workouts.

Is the Russian squat routine good?

The Russian Squat Routine is the gold standard for taking lifters to the next level. The programme promises a 5% 1RM increaseIt’s no nonsense and zero frills – but with a four-decade-strong record for results (including those shiny Montreal medals).