Does Webex support Internet Explorer?

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Does Webex support Internet Explorer?

Webex officially supports Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11, with some known issues. The ‘Enhanced Protected Mode’ in Internet Explorer 11 on the desktop is not supported.

How do I use Webex Support Manager?

Set Up Support Manager Manually Sign in to your Webex site and go to Webex Support. Under Support, select Downloads > Support Manager for Windows. Installation takes only a few moments, so you normally do not experience a delay in starting or joining a session.

How do I contact Cisco Webex?

1 Mouse over the meeting control panel, select More options .
2 Select Audio Connection, and then choose Switch Connection.
3 Select Call me at a different number.
4 Enter a phone number and select Call Me. The phone number that you enter into Webex Meetings is saved for your next meeting on this site.

How do I contact Webex from my computer?

After you join the meeting, select one of the following:

  1. Call Me–Enter a phone number, select Call Me.
  2. I Will Call In–Dial the phone number shown on your screen.
  3. Call Using Computer–Choose this option to connect to audio using VoIP.

What browser works best for Webex?

The Webex Meetings web app is available on Chrome, Internet Explorer version 10 and later, Firefox, and Safari 7 and later. For the best experience (including video support), we recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

Which browser is best for Webex?

Chrome OS Support The Webex Meetings mobile app (version 11.0 or higher) is supported on all Chrome devices that officially support Android apps, through Google Play.

Can you remote control with Webex?

Webex | Provide or Request Remote Desktop Control. When you’re sharing your screen during a call or in a space, you can give someone else mouse and keyboard access to your screen. You can also request access to someone else’s screen when they’re sharing.

How use Webex remote desktop?

  1. Select Share > Remote Computer. The Access Anywhere dialog box appears.
  2. Under Remote Computers, select your computer.
  3. Under Applications, select your application.
  4. Select Connect and complete the authentication method, either access code or phone code, you chose when you set up the computer for Access Anywhere.

What URL do I use for Webex?

Your Webex site URL is created from the email address you used when you signed up for an account. You can change this if, for example, you want to remove your name from the URL and change it to something more appropriate to your company.

How do I download WebEx?

Steps Go to your WebEx page in a web browser. Click My Files. Click the My Recordings tab. Click the down-arrow next to the meeting you want to download. Click Download.

How much does WebEx cost?

The first thing to know is that the cost of Cisco Webex has dropped from $89/user to $29 over the last year, and our sources say that $30/user/month is pretty much the upper limit for business purchases these days.

Do WebEx meetings support multiple monitors?

Up to 16 displays are supported with the multi-monitor function. Solution: Multi-monitor setups are compatible with Cisco Webex Meetings, Training, and Events on Windows computers. Multiple monitor support isn’t yet available in Webex Meetings for Mac. If multiple monitors are present on the machine, you will need to choose which monitor you want to share content from when starting a screen/desktop share.

What ports does WebEx use?

For media functionality, WebEx Telepresence devices initiate User Datagram Protocol (UDP) connections by using the following ports: Cisco IP Video Phone E20: UDP ports range from 2326 to 2358. Codec C series, EX series, MX series, SX series, and VX series devices: UDP ports range from 2326 to 2487.