Have brent geese left Ireland?

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Have brent geese left Ireland?

In April, Brent Geese leave the UK and Ireland and head north again. The pale-bellied brent geese stopover in Iceland.

What is the difference between Brent geese and Canada geese?

Barnacle Geese – middle sized – bigger than a Brent with a dark head and neck – but smaller than the much larger Canada Goose. But the biggest give-away is the white face of the Barnacle and its distinctive white forehead. Canada Geese – a non native species. Brent Geese – Smaller in size.

Why are brent geese called Brent geese?

Their name ‘brent’ derives from the Norse word for burnt – in reference to their charcoal coloured upperparts. The scientific name, Branta bernicla hrota, come from the fact that the brent goose used to be considered the same species as the barnacle goose, hence ‘bernicla’.

Are brent geese endangered?

Least Concern
Brant/Conservation status

Does Ireland have geese?

Small numbers of Pink-footed Geese winter in Ireland, but hundreds of thousands winter in the UK and stop in Ireland en route from their Icelandic breeding grounds. Since the start of September there have been loads of Pink-foots (Pink-feets?!) spotted in Donegal and smaller flocks in Wexford, Louth and Dublin.

How far do Brent geese travel?

One goose can travel over 135,000 miles in its lifetime between its winter habitat in the UK and its summer habitat, the Artic tundra.

Why are brent geese protected?

1. The Brent goose is fully protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, but provision is made for shooting under licence for the purpose of preventing serious damage to crops. Authorisation is given to take a small number of geese in relation to the overall population which frequent the area.

Where do Brent geese breed?

Pale-bellied brent geese breed mostly in Canada and Greenland and spend the winter mostly in Ireland. Brent geese nest on the boggy Arctic tundra, where the severe climate allows them only about two months of good weather in which to raise a family.

Where do you find Brent geese?

What is the smallest Irish songbird?

The diminutive goldcrest is not only Ireland’s smallest bird, but also Europe’s – a title it shares with its close relative the firecrest. It is widespread and found throughout the country, and often visits gardens, especially during winter months.

Where do Brent geese go in summer?

The dark-bellied brent geese head the other way – east to Siberia. They stop off along the Baltic coast before reaching the Arctic in early June, just as the snow and ice is beginning to thaw. Brent geese migrate in family groups, flying in wavering lines or flocking in loose groups.