How accurate is a geolocation?

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How accurate is a geolocation?

IP based geolocation services provide 55 percent to 80 percent accuracy for a user’s region or state. And they provide 50 percent to 75 percent accuracy for a user’s city. In practice, the actual accuracy may vary from provider to provider and depending on the location of the device.

What is the most accurate geolocation?

Top 10 Best IP Geolocation APIs.

  • Google Maps Geocoding API.
  • City Geo-Location Lookup.
  • Google Maps Time Zone.
  • Geolocation.
  • IP Geolocation –
  • YandexGeocoder.
  • IP Geolocation.
  • How accurate is geolocation API?

    It has the highest accuracy; in most Android smartphones, the accuracy can be up to 10 metres. Mobile phone tracking is used if a cellphone or wireless modem is used without a GPS chip built in.

    How accurate is GeoIP2?

    MaxMind tests the accuracy of the GeoIP2 and GeoIP Legacy Databases on a periodic basis. In our recent tests, the downloadable databases were 99.8% accurate on a country level, 80% accurate on a state level in the US, and 68% accurate for cities in the US within a 50 kilometer radius.

    How is IP geolocation determined?

    How the IP-based Geolocation works. The way the IP-based geolocation works is simply by checking which IP range is used by which area, using an IP-to-location database. So, you can find the information like the country and the city that your users come from, just by knowing their IP address.

    What are some risks associated with using geolocation?

    There are two basic risks and a host of other smaller ones to posting your geolocation publicly. First, if your location is known to others, you can be met, interrupted, detained or worse. And if people know where you are, they also know where you are not, which might put your family, property and other assets at risk.

    How do I get geolocation API?

    The Geolocation API is accessed via a call to navigator. geolocation ; this will cause the user’s browser to ask them for permission to access their location data. If they accept, then the browser will use the best available functionality on the device to access this information (for example, GPS).

    How accurate is IP logger?

    The average accuracy rate is about 98%. It depends on the geo-location database. If you need a reliable IP Tracker, then IP Logger is your choice. The data from IP Logger will help you to make business decisions that get results.

    Why is geolocation inaccurate?

    IP address geolocation is never 100% accurate. The IP address information we provide comes from third party databases that have different data conventions and gathering methods. Information provided by IP lookup is truly inaccurate, within certain cases . It’s possibly showing a different state or country.

    What is geolocation API in HTML?

    The HTML Geolocation API is used to get the geographical position of a user. Since this can compromise privacy, the position is not available unless the user approves it. Try It. Note: Geolocation is most accurate for devices with GPS, like smartphones.

    Where does MaxMind get its data?

    In part, the information in these databases comes from other public databases, such as RIPE and in part from MAXMIND’s internal processing/matching. You can write your own tools to parse RIPE database, extract all of the fields and build your own database if you want, or you can pay someone who has already done it.

    How is geolocation done?

    Geolocation collects its data from the GPS on your device and cellular networks. The more people there are to receive transmissions from; the more accurate geolocation becomes and it dramatically reduces the probability of your phone telling you to turn left into a wall.