How big does a Photinia Red Robin tree grow?

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How big does a Photinia Red Robin tree grow?

Photinia is easy to care for and maintain and can reach a mature height of 7m and a spread of 3m. Growing at a rate of up to 30cm a year, pruning is only required twice a year to keep your hedge/tree under control and in shape. Trim new shoots to encourage bright red re-growth.

How fast do Photinia Fraseri grow?

around 1 to 3 feet each year
Also known as Fraser photinia, it is an excellent shrub for hedges and privacy screens, and it can be shaped into a small specimen tree. This plant has a fast growth rate and can gain around 1 to 3 feet each year. It should be planted in the spring.

Are Photinia Red Robin roots invasive?

It is difficult to give you a defining answer to your question Chris but the roots of Photinas are nowhere as invasive as other tree species and to a certain extent a lot will depend on what your new drive has been constructed from.

Is Photinia Red Robin a tree?

Photinia Full Standard Tree also commonly known as Photinia Red Robin. This is a hardy, beautiful full standard (clear stemmed) tree with the evergreen foliage of the. Red Robin has bright red leaves in early Spring.

Is photinia Red Robin poisonous to dogs?

The Dogs Trust does not list Photinia Red Robin as being poisonous to dogs. The are indications however that it can cause problems with grazing animals such as horses and cows.

What is the lifespan of the photinia?

fifty years
Photinia is usually grown as a hedge for screening purposes. A moderate grower. Reaches maturity in about 12 years. They can live for fifty years – with good care.

What is wrong with my Red Robin plant?

The main culprit among photinia bush diseases is Entomosporium mespili, the fungus that causes photinia leaf spot. Once the fungus takes hold in the red-tipped photinia, the disease’s circles continue to grow and merge until large, unsightly “sores” cover the dying leaves.

What month do you prune Red Robins?

The best time to do this type of drastic pruning is in May time when the plant is growing strongly. If you have any cut flowers in the house when you prune your Red Robin, use the red leaves as foliage in the plant arrangement.