How can I be an effective receptionist?

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How can I be an effective receptionist?

10 Receptionist Tips and Tricks: How to Train a Successful ReceptionistSmile Often. Avoid Eating & Chewing Gum. Refrain From Using Mobile Devices. Keep a Message Pad Handy. Take a Breath. Use the Caller’s Name. Be Polite & Use Pleasantries. Avoid Saying “I don’t know”

Is receptionist a bad job?

There’s nothing inherently bad about begin a receptionist. It’s work that needs doing and some people like it. However, consider that the work is also not terribly complicated and there are a lot of tech people out there taking not terribly complicated jobs and teaching computers to do them.

Is receptionist a dead end job?

Receptionist work is a dead end work. It’s not a career unless you’re exceptionally talented (skilled in hospitality, business etiquette, and to a degree, office supply management) and work as the receptionist on the same floor the CEO works on.

Is being a receptionist boring?

It’s pretty boring but not as much of a “constantly talking to people” job that you’d think it would be. I was a receptionist for about 1 year at an older long gone job. It was the easiest job I’ve ever had. I would chat all day in a yahoo chat room, browse the internet, and greet customers.

Is being a receptionist fun?

Why Being a Receptionist is a Fun Job Learn why the job can also be a fun one. As a receptionist, you’re the first point of contact in a company, so it’s a role not to take lightly. Here are some ways being a receptionist is a fun job: You get to decide if people are worthy of that coveted “visitor” sticker.

Can a guy be a receptionist?

It’s increasingly apparent that the receptionist job is no longer the exclusive preserve of pretty women. Talented professionals, both men and women alike are being seriously considered for the skillset they bring to this role, and hiring a male receptionist is no longer an unusual decision.

How much does a receptionist make per hour?

How much does a Medical Receptionist make in Sydney NSW? The average salary for a Medical Receptionist is $28.12 per hour in Sydney NSW, which is 9% above the national average.

What is the highest salary for a receptionist?

Receptionists made a median salary of $29,1. The best-paid 25 percent made $35,660 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $24,120.