How can I check my Articleship status?

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How can I check my Articleship status?

We can provide both methods for Checking CA Articleship Status. Method I: by Your CA’s Membership No. This is very simple method where you have to enter the membership number of your principle. For using this method please follow below link and replace (123456) With your Principle’s membership Number.

How can I download Articleship completion certificate?

Answer: Interested candidates must visit the ICAI’s official website and then navigate to E-services, then, select the Self-Service portal. Log in with the ICAI issued credentials and then select the letter and download it. How can I check my Articleship status?

How can I check my enrollment date in ICAI?

To check enrollment date or articleship status or any other information registered with ICAI, the user can find it at SSP. If you aren’t registered, you need to register first and then avail various options available therein.

How can I get ICAI membership?

Students who wish to take the ICAI’s CA membership can apply from at the official website, The fee payment option for the same will conclude on March 31 for the year 2021-22. Qualified candidates after getting the membership will be eligible to prefix “CA” to their names.

How many leaves are allowed during Articleship?

An articled assistant shall earn at the rate of one-sixth of the period for which he has actually served, excluding from such period, the period for which he has been on leave subject to a maximum of 180 days….Leaves allowed for CA Articleship Students Excess Leaves.

Subject Title Author Names
Taxmann Ca Final Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics Tapan Jindal

How can I get ICAI registration letter?

How to download IPCC registration letter online 2018?

  1. Download ICAI CA IPCC Registration letter official site CA IPCC registration letter link.
  2. Select your Registration Letter ( CPT, IPCC, Final or Articleship )
  3. Then select type : Student or Member.
  4. Enter your Registration Number.
  5. Enter your Date of Birth.

What is SSP portal?

Self Service Portal (SSP) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) New Foundation and Intermediate (Direct Entry) Form. ICAI’s Members and Student services have been made online, in digitized form on a new platform which works on a Self Service Mode on the Self Service portal (SSP).

Can a ca change his signature?

You can change your photograph and signature, if you so wish and opt for the same while you fill the exam application form.

How to check ICAI articleship status in ca?

Members and students of ICAI may check their status with the Institute. Student have to provide their registration number and chartered have to provide their membership number. CA Articleship Status available for CA Intermediate and CA Final students.

Which is the commencement date of articleship in ICAI?

Whereas, those students who have just started their Articleship then, they shall see the Articleship commencement date. There are two part of Articleship details viz. Member Article / Audit Training Details and Student Terminated / Completed Article / Audit Training Details.

How to check ICAI principle and member registration number?

If you know the date of birth of your principle and Member Registration Number then, you can see the details of your principle through Member Card. You will see the list of articled/ audit clerk undergoing articleship training. In addition to the above details, you may check your personal records with ICAI by the following link.

How to download ICAI PT assessment exam results?

And enter the roll number and date of birth details. All the aspirants can refer to this page and download the results. Contenders must and should check the results and check the grade as per their percentage of gotten in the examination.