How can I help the community on Thanksgiving?

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How can I help the community on Thanksgiving?

5 ways to give back this Thanksgiving

  1. Organize a drive. Find a local food bank or homeless shelter that needs food, clothing or other supplies.
  2. Run a Turkey Trot.
  3. Spend time with older adults.
  4. Volunteer at a local food bank.
  5. Enjoy time with friends and family.

Where can I donate a turkey in Colorado Springs?

Drop off turkeys at Security Service Field, 4385 Tutt Blvd or Springs Rescue Mission, 5 West Las Vegas St….Organize your office to collect turkeys and bring them to a participating Walmart location from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m.:

  • 8th Street.
  • Palmer Park/Powers.
  • Razorback/Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs.
  • Dillon Drive in Pueblo.

Where can I donate a turkey in Denver?

Here are a few locations throughout the Denver metro area where you and your family can either donate your time, funds or food for those in need.

  • Denver Rescue Mission.
  • Denver Broncos Turkey Drive.
  • Parker Task Force For Human Services.
  • Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.
  • Operation Turkey Denver at Dickeys Barbecue Pit.

Where can I donate an extra turkey?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Try donating Thanksgiving leftovers to your local food pantry.
  • Call your local food bank to see what their policies are about donating food and whether they accept leftovers or only canned items.
  • Homeless shelters, housing shelters, and non-profit charities accept food donations.

Can you give food to homeless in LA?

While the city of Los Angeles does not currently prohibit feeding the homeless, it is smart to know the laws in your town or city before making a plan to feed the homeless.

Where can I volunteer on Thanksgiving in Colorado?

Five Thanksgiving Food Distribution Volunteer Opportunities

  • The Epworth Foundation. 1865 Bruce Randolph Avenue.
  • Ms. Betty’s Harvest Madsgiving.
  • The Table. 2190 South Platte River Drive.
  • Denver Rescue Mission’s Turkey Drive. 1130 Park Avenue West.
  • Samaritan House. 2301 Lawrence Street.