How can I make YouTube videos with Animoto?

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How can I make YouTube videos with Animoto?

Choose the right aspect ratio for your project. Just click the Ratio button at the top of your screen to create horizontal videos for YouTube, square videos for Facebook and Instagram feeds, and vertical videos for Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Pro Tip: Love a video clip or image in a template?

How do you change the animation in Animoto?

If you change your mind about which animation you’d prefer, you can always change it later. Create your Burst by dragging and dropping images right into the block. You can change the scale of images or adjust their positioning, just as you would any image.

Where do you find the title in Animoto?

A title and subtitle line will appear in a regular block. In special blocks, a title will appear. You can edit the text that appears or drag it around to fit your needs. Preview a block: Click on the black play button in the bottom-left-hand corner of a block to preview just that part of your project.

Which is the best way to learn Animoto?

But the easiest way to learn is to just jump in and start making videos—especially since Animoto is free to use. Click the button below to test out all our features for yourself. Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’ll take a look at all of the features available in Animoto. Note that some features are only available with a paid subscription.

How do you change the layout of Animoto?

Animoto features a variety of different layouts, which allow you to combine text, images, and video clips in a single dynamic frame. If you’d like to change a block’s layout, click on the top icon on the left-hand side of the block.

Where do you Put Your logo on Animoto?

Place your logo at the end of your video, the beginning of your video, or anywhere between. If you’d like, you can also add text to a Logo block or include images or video in the background. Add a logo block by clicking on the plus icon at the bottom of your workspace. Add a corner watermark.

How to get started with Animoto on iPhone?

We’ve included a getting started video series, a look at our features, and a quick intro to our iOS app. Plus we’ve included links to a whole bunch of video ideas for when you’re feeling stuck. Click below to jump to any section of the guide: Animoto is built to be easy to use.

Can you put a watermark on a video on Animoto?

If you have a paid subscription to Animoto, you will see an option to add a corner watermark to your videos. A watermark will display persistently throughout your entire video, with the exception of Logo blocks at the start or end of your video. Upload a watermark under the Design tools, which we’ll discuss a little later on.