How can you get the most of SEO Periodic Table?

How can you get the most of SEO Periodic Table?

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How can you get the most of SEO Periodic Table?

Have you ever desired for your website to achieve higher ranks in search engines? Wondered how other sites achieved their top spots in the search results? If you want to learn a hack to be amongst the top ranks, read on. In this article, you will be introduced to the SEO Periodic Table, its elements and the importance of its concepts to the website handler.

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, since its establishment in 2011, has become the most recognized tool that search engine professionals have used to understand the elements essential to a winning search engine optimization strategy. For the last years, it has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times by professionals from around 74 different countries and has been linked thousands of times to marketing websites, blogs and industry content marketing.

What exactly is the SEO Periodic Table?

Each element of the SEO periodic table represents the factors you need to focus on for you to be successful in search engine optimization. There are a total of 29 elements in this table which are divided into 6 groups. The goal of the continuous updates is to summarize the scope of SEO into much broader fundamentals so that it could be well understood by the publisher. With the points listed, the publisher may then focus his/her attention on the major areas that have highly significant impacts on rankings and search engine visibility.

Breaking down the Table

Understanding how the various parts of the SEO Periodic Table work will help you get the most out of the SEO Periodic Table.

The 2019 Version of the SEO Periodic Table is divided into 6 groups, namely:


Good content is the key to making your website stand out. Make sure that your content is clear, direct and concise. Being able to do these will make your website highly valuable to the reader. If you want to show your readers that you are well versed in your content subject, show it in the way you write.

Use the appropriate keywords when you are explaining concepts and present new ideas and the latest concepts to your readers. Guarantee them that you only present up-to-date informative and relatable topics. To avoid your content to be boring, insert related photos, videos and audio aid on your site. Most of all, keep your content short, but exciting.

ROW 2- Architecture

Your website should be accessible on all devices. Search engines must easily crawl all your pages and find relevant information related to a user’s query. It is vital for you to make certain that your website loads fast on all devices. Ensure that you have an https hosting and provide a secure connection for visitors with the best SSL certificate to show that you are trustworthy.


Think of interesting titles to catch the readers’ attention and display tags which tell the readers what your content is mainly about.

ROW 4- Trust

Get your readers involved in your content. Interact with them and experiment with new topics.

ROW 5- Links

Increase your backlink profile and anchor link your content to other online sites with content like yours.

ROW 6- User

Optimize your website for the convenience of your visitor. For instance, take into consideration his/her age, sex and current location.

Beware of SEO Toxins

Do not plagiarize content on your website; doing so may get your website flagged by Google. Avoid using too many keywords that are not related to your articles. Most of all, do not engage in spam networks to make your website rank higher,

Putting your website on the top rank is not just a hack; it is a step by step process. Be patient in creating your content and enjoy the slow and steady improvement of your site. Use your knowledge of the SEO Periodic table to gain maximum advantage.