How deep is the Upper Lake at Glendalough?

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How deep is the Upper Lake at Glendalough?

30 metres deep
The valley is surrounded by high mountains with summits rising over 650 metres (2132 feet) and the Upper Lake, the larger of the two, is 30 metres deep at its deepest point.

How long is the white trail in Glendalough?

The Glendalough Spink Walk (White Route) in the Wicklow Mountains National Park is a moderate 10 km loop walk that will bring you around the north side of the Glendalough Upper Lac, pass the old Miner Village, up along a rocky trail along the Glenealo falls until you cross the same river on a bridge towards the …

Can you sup in Glendalough?

Set in the heart of the Wicklow mountain, you won’t be short on activities and hikes in Glendalough during your visit. We can advise you on the best routes to walk while staying in the Glendalough, watersport activities such as SUP and kayaking or perhaps trail runs through the mountains!

Can you kayak on Blessington Lakes?

Splash happy kayaking and canoeing at Blessington Lakes The calm waters make it easy for beginners to get a feel for manoeuvring a kayak, while more advanced paddlers can take in the views as they explore the lake.

Can you swim in Guinness Lake?

Another exquisite site to spend a couple of hours walking around. We has a glorious day there during the summer playing and swimming in the lake.

Do you need hiking boots for Glendalough?

The views are breathtaking, but there can be sudden changes in the weather so be prepared and take suitable hiking clothing. A pair of sturdy hiking boots and waterproof clothing are required. The path itself is well-kept and well-marked.

Is Glendalough difficult?

Grade: The Glendalough map guide describes this trail as a ramble, meaning it is of moderate difficulty with prolonged inclines. Distance: the trail is 8km long and takes about 2 hours to complete.

Can you paddle board on Blessington lake?

paddle along Blessington Lakeshore. fixed back rests. Ideally suitable for two adults, two teenagers or an adult and child (over the age of 7). fitted with your equipment and receive instructions for the kayak tour.

Is there an entrance fee to Glendalough?

The Upper Lake car park in Glendalough is owned by Wicklow County Council and its management is franchised out. There is no entry fee to Wicklow Mountains National Park. Entry to both the National Park and the National Park Information Office are free of charge.