How do I apply for EPPP exam?

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How do I apply for EPPP exam?

How to Take the EPPP

  1. Step One: Apply for licensure. Apply for licensure in the state you would like to practice in.
  2. Step Two: Apply for the EPPP. Complete and submit the EPPP application and submit your exam fee payment.
  3. Step Three: Schedule your Appointment.
  4. Step Four: Take the EPPP.

When can you take the EPPP exam?

Van Horne recommends applying to take the exam as soon as your state allows. In most jurisdictions, you’re qualified to sit for the test once you complete the educational requirements for your doctoral degree.

How do I apply for EPPP in Texas?

You will need to visit the Register for EPPP page. You must be an applicant for licensure as a psychologist in a U.S. or Canadian jurisdiction to take the EPPP. If you are participant in any ASPPB Mobility Program: You will need to visit PLUS and enter the email address associated with your file.

Who is eligible to take the EPPP?

Who is eligible to take the EPPP Exam? In order to sit for the EPPP, individuals must first apply for licensure as a Psychologist to the licensing authority in the state, province or territory in which they wish to be licensed.

Is the EPPP hard?

Forms of the EPPP do vary in difficulty. The passing score of each version is equated so that the level of knowledge being tested is consistent. Practically speaking, this means that the “harder” forms require fewer correct answers to pass and “easy” forms require more.

How much does it cost to transfer EPPP score?

Regular Transfer fee: $85.00 U.S. per transfer (allow four weeks for transfer). Expedited fee: $115.00 U.S. per transfer (allow five business days for transfer).

How difficult is EPPP?

How many hours study for EPPP?

PSYCHPREP provides a structured study schedule, and generally recommends studying for the EPPP from 10 to 20 hours a week for three to four months.

How difficult is the EPPP?

What happens if you fail the EPPP?

If you didn’t pass, NO WORRIES ! Simply take it again. You can take the EPPP up to 4 times in a year. However, you will pay the EPPP testing fee and PES fees again.

How many people pass the EPPP on the first try?

90 percent
Overall, 90 percent of all candidates pass the EPPP on their first attempt.

What percentage of people pass the EPPP on the first try?

The results showed that although 90 percent of individuals reported passing the EPPP the first time they took it, the likelihood of passing was related to race/ethnicity, perceived benefits of accessing test preparation resources and type of doctoral degree.