How do I change project CRS to projected CRS?

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How do I change project CRS to projected CRS?

To project a layer to a different CRS:

  1. Right-click on the layer in the Layers panel, then choose Save As from the context menu.
  2. In the Save vector layer as dialog, set the file format, file name, set CRS to Selected CRS and click Change to set the target CRS, then save the file.

How do you change map projections?


  1. Open ArcToolbox and select Data Management Tools > Projections and Transformations > Define Projection.
  2. Choose the appropriate coordinate system. You have to define it as what it is, not as what you want it to be.
  3. Once the projection is defined correctly, the projection can be changed.

How do I change the projection of a shapefile?


  1. Open the ArcToolbox Projection wizard. ArcGIS 9.x.
  2. Select the shapefile or geodatabase to be projected. ArcGIS 9.x.
  3. Specify a location and name for the new projected data.
  4. Specify the output coordinate system to project the data.
  5. Select an optional geographic transformation, if required.
  6. Complete the projection.

How do I change the coordinate system of a shapefile in Qgis?

In the Export screen, type in a new shapefile name and click on the three dots next to the File name box to select the folder. Under the CRS dropdown, select the Project CRS as the assigned CRS. Click on the OK button and your new shapefile will be exported into the designated CRS.

How do I change the projection of a shapefile in Arcgis?

In ArcCatalog, click the shapefile whose coordinate system you want to define. Click the File menu and click Properties. Click the XY Coordinate System tab. Click New and click Projected.

How do I fix the projection in Qgis?

2 Answers

  1. Open new map in QGIS and from menu bar select Project -> Project Properties.
  2. Select CRS tab on left side of Project Properties window and check the box “Enable ‘on the fly’ CRS transformation.
  3. Choose appropriate CRS, apply changes, and close window.

How do you give a projection in Qgis?

To enable “on the fly” projection, click on the CRS Status button in the Status Bar along the bottom of the QGIS window:

  1. In the dialog that appears, check the box next to Enable ‘on the fly’ CRS transformation.
  2. Type the word global into the Filter field.
  3. Click on the NSIDC EASE-Grid Global to select it, then click OK .