How do I change the WordPress admin URL with a plugin?

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How do I change the WordPress admin URL with a plugin?


  1. Go to Plugins › Add New.
  2. Search for Change wp-admin login.
  3. Download and activate it.
  4. Go under Settings and then click on “Permalinks” and change your URL under “Change wp-admin login”
  5. You can change this anytime, just go back to Settings › Permalinks › Change wp-admin login.

How do I create an admin URL in WordPress?

Change Your WordPress Login Page with a Plugin

  1. Click on WPS Hide Login from the Settings tab in your right-hand sidebar.
  2. Add your new Login URL path in the Login URL field.
  3. Add a specific redirect URL in the Redirection URL. This page will trigger when someone tries to access the standard wp-login.
  4. Hit Save Changes.

How do I log into WordPress WP-admin?

WordPress access through a direct link

  1. On your browser’s address bar, search for your domain name with /wp-admin or /wp-login.
  2. Type in your WordPress Username or Email Address and Password.
  3. Once logging in is successful, you will land on your WordPress Dashboard and manage it.

How do I change my WordPress admin URL without plugin?

Login through your new URL.

  1. Create a New File. Create a new file from the text editor and save it into your root folder.
  2. Copy and Paste the Code. Next open up the wp-login.
  3. Find and Replace the String “wp-login. php”
  4. Delete the wp-login. php File.
  5. Test Out Your New Login URL.

Can’t connect to WP-Admin?

How to Fix Can’t Login to WordPress Admin:

  1. Delete cache and cookies.
  2. Change admin password via phpMyAdmin.
  3. Disable WordPress plugins via FTP.
  4. Disable WordPress theme via FTP.
  5. Re-upload wp-login. php.
  6. Generate a new . htaccess file.

How do I access my WordPress admin page?

If you have WordPress installed on a web browser, you can access the WordPress admin page by typing your websites url with “/wp-admin” or “/wp-login.php” at the end of the URL in the address bar of a web browser. For example, type “” in a web browser.

How do I Change my WordPress url?

How to Change the Default URL Address Structure in WordPress. 1. Login to the admin panel of WordPress. 2. Scroll down to Settings and click on Permalinks . 3. Select the Post name URL structure. 4. Scroll down and click on Save Changes. All of your URL’s in WordPress should now be changed.

Why Cant I access my WordPress site?

Reasons Why WordPress Can’t Access wp-admin Sometimes the reason WordPress can’t access wp-admin is because of an issue with the themes. You can also try resetting the plugins folder manually. Another reason why you might not be able to access your site is because of the cpanel permissions.

What is an URL address in WordPress?

Your WordPress Address (URL) is the address where WordPress files and folders are stored including your admin pages, media files, plugins, themes, etc. Your Site Address (URL) in WordPress is the public facing part of your website.