How do I check my CPUT results?

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How do I check my CPUT results?

The web address to use is: Enter your “student number” and your ITS PIN, then click on “Process” to view the available results. You can then view the status of your matric result.

How do I check my academic record at CPUT?

How To Check CPUT Academic Transcripts Online

  1. Visit The CPUT Academic Record Checking Portal.
  2. Type In your Student Number.
  3. Type in your ID Number.
  4. Click On Check my Transcript Details.
  5. Your Academic Will Display on the next page.

How do you get SOS pin CPUT?

If you new to CPUT then you will not yet have a PIN, so will have to request one. First click on the “LOGIN TO SOS”. Select “Student” and type your student number, then click the “Request a PIN” button. As you don’t yet have a myCPUT email address, you will now have to go back to the previous page to get your PIN.

How do I register for CPUT online?

  1. • Go to the Students tab on the CPUT website and click on the “Student Online Services (SOS)” link, or use the direct link
  2. • “Registered Users”, will appear.
  3. • Select “Student Enquiry” on the left.
  4. Select “Academic Registration” on the left.
  5. Step 6: Submit registration.

Is Cput a Technikon?

In the 1970’s the institution had its status changed to a College of Advanced Technical Education and was rebranded as the Peninsula Colleges for Advanced Technical Education. However, this name and status change was short-lived and in 1979 the college was legally established as the Peninsula Technikon.

What documents do you need to apply at Cput?

Document requirements A certified copy of the first page of your Identity Document/Card. Proof of your highest level of school education. International students must submit a valid study visa and proof of medical insurance for the duration of their studies.

What is the closing date for CPUT Applications 2022?

Closing Dates

Qualification Type SA citizenship (with a SA ID number)Permanent Residency with a valid SA identificationRefugees with a valid Refugee permit*
MASTER’S DEGREE & M TECH (Full Research) 15 March 2022

How much is the registration fee at CPUT 2021?

You must pay a R100 non-refundable application fee before your application form can be processed. You must attach a copy of the proof of payment to your application form.

Is UWC open for 2021 applications?

Applications close on 30 September 2021, all required documents must be submitted by this date as well. Applications for Bachelor of Dentistry and Oral Health as well as School of Government postgraduate degrees close on 31 August 2021.

Where can I Check my CPUT results online?

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) has taken steps to streamline its service delivery. This means they have online services to check your CPUT results for everything from examinations to admissions. This article will focus on the CPUT Students Online Services portal (CPUT SOS) to familiarize you with it.

How to check CPUT semester results online South Africa?

How to Check CPUT Semester Results Online. Final exam results will be available on student result checking portal or department notice board after the Faculty Exams Committees and Senate Executive Committee have finalized results and qualifiers. You can view your results online via the institution’s portal.

How to check Cape Peninsula University of Technology exam results?

Review this page for the link to check the examination results for Cape Peninsula University of Technology Exams 2020. After a student writes an exam, the next thing He/She anticipates for is the result, would It be a good result is one of the many questions that will flow through the mind of this Examination candidate.

Which is the best school for CPUT in South Africa?

When you think of a school in South Africa that can offer you good result, trust CPUT. The Cape Peninsula University of Technology is at the heart of technology education and innovation in Africa.