How do I contact Air New Zealand?

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How do I contact Air New Zealand?

00 64 9-357 3000
Air New Zealand/Customer service

What is the email address for Air New Zealand?

How do I get a hold of Air NZ?

Fare Hold process

  1. Choose your flights on the Air New Zealand website.
  2. If your itinerary is eligible for Fare Hold a “Hold this fare” button will appear at the bottom of the “Select your flights” screen.
  3. Complete a few details on the Fare Hold page and pay the Fare Hold fee.

What time does Air NZ call Centre open?

Sales, Reservations & Enquiries Our english speaking Contact Centre in New Zealand can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0064 9 357 3000 (International charges will apply).

What’s the phone number for Air New Zealand?

Who is the owner of Air NZ?

New Zealand Government
Air New Zealand/Parent organizations
Who owns Air New Zealand? The New Zealand Government currently owns 52% of Air New Zealand ordinary shares. The remaining shares are listed on the NZ Stock Exchange (ticker symbol AIR.NZ) and the Australia Stock Exchange (ticker symbol AIZ.AU).

Who are Air New Zealand partners?

Air New Zealand is proud to be a member of the Star Alliance network. Wherever in the world you may be going, there are many benefits when you travel with Air New Zealand and other Star Alliance member airlines.

Does Air New Zealand have first class?

The first class experience on Air New Zealand may not be called First Class—it’s actual title is Business Premier—but we assure you, the name has nothing to do with the experience. Wake up refreshed after sleeping on a memory foam mattress that converts from a buttery soft leather seat.

Can I change my flight once checked in?

Making changes after you’ve checked in You can edit your booking until two hours before your flight is due to depart – even if you’ve checked in. Once you’ve made your changes just check in again, and remember to reprint your boarding pass(es). Seats can’t be changed if you’ve already checked in.

How much does it cost to change flights Air NZ?

You can change your flight to a new date or time (within 355 days) with no change fees applied, so long as the changes are made prior to departure. Any fare difference will still apply. Or you can opt in for credit (as long as it’s before check-in closes).

How much does Air NZ CEO earn?

Air New Zealand’s 2020 financial results show the highest paid staff member (usually the chief executive) was paid about $4.5m. In March, the airline said Foran’s $1.65m base pay would be reduced by $250,000 and a salary freeze of the executive team was extended as part of wider cost cutting measures.