How do I contact Inland Revenue NZ?

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How do I contact Inland Revenue NZ?

0800 257 777 find out your IRD number.

How do I talk to IRD?

The Actual Steps to Speak to a Live IRS Person

  1. Call the IRS customer support number at 1-800-829-0922 -or- 800-829-1040.
  2. Choose your language (1 for English)
  3. Dial 2 – “For answers about your personal income tax…”
  4. Dial 1 – “For questions about a form you have already submitted…”
  5. Dial 3 – “For all other questions…”

Can you email the IRD?

We don’t have an email address for general tax queries because we want to keep your personal information safe. But you can contact us online by logging in to your myIR account and sending us a message using secure email.

What is IRD recovery team?

If you have debt with IRD then we are here to help. We work alongside your current accountant to help resolve the situation. For an up front fee of $750 + GST we will review your situation and provide you with a suggested plan on how we believe the situation could be resolved.

Is there a free phone number for Inland Revenue?

+44 135 535 9022 the official HMRC app.

Who do I call to get my IRD number?

Call us

Enquiry Phone number
Personal (within NZ) 0800 227 774
Overseas callers +64 4 831 2249

Can I ring revenue?

Revenue operate a national phone number for PAYE callers: 01 738 36 36. The service is available Monday to Friday, 09.30 to 16.00. Customers ringing from outside the Republic of Ireland should ring + 353 1 738 36 36.

What happens if you dont pay the IRD?

Penalties for late payments can be given in 3 stages: 1% penalty on the day after payment due date. 4% penalty for remaining tax including penalties on 7th day after payment due date. 1% penalty every month the remaining tax including penalties is unpaid.

Can you work without an IRD number?

Everyone needs an IRD number and tax code when starting work (except for school students earning less than $2,340 a year). Your employer will give you a tax code declaration form to fill out.