How do I contact the Kentucky Bar Association?

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How do I contact the Kentucky Bar Association?

Click here for the Office of Bar Counsel’s form and instructions for filing a complaint. You may also call our office at 502.564. 3795 ext. 723 to request the form be mailed to you.

Who is the governing authority for licensing and monitoring Attorneys in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Bar Association (KBA) is an agency created by the Supreme Court of Kentucky to regulate legal professionals in the State and any attorney practicing law in Kentucky must belong to this association. The Kentucky Bar Association’s mission is to ensure Kentucky Attorneys act professionally and competently.

How do you file a complaint against a lawyer?

Draft your letter.

  1. Your contact information, so your attorney can get in touch with you. Also, you should request a response from the attorney within a specified period of time.
  2. A clear statement of your complaint.
  3. An easily understood statement of facts that back up your complaint.
  4. A request for relief.

What is a code of professional courtesy?

Specifically, a lawyer who manifests professional courtesy and civility: a. Makes reasonable efforts to schedule meetings, hearings, and discovery by agreement whenever possible and considers the scheduling interests of opposing counsel, the parties, witnesses and the court.

How do I file a complaint with the Kentucky attorney general?

If you would like assistance in resolving a consumer complaint, please complete our Online Consumer Complaint and Mediation Request Form, or print and mail a General Consumer Mediation Form (on the right sidebar of this page), or call the Consumer Protection Division at (502) 696-5389.

How much are Kentucky Bar dues?

SCR 3.040 requires all attorneys to pay dues annually to the KBA on or before September 1….Association Membership.

KBA Annual Dues Structure
Membership Type Amount
Practicing less than 5 years $220
Practicing more than 5 years $310
Judges $150

What is a professional courtesy discount?

“Professional courtesy discount” is a discount extended to physicians (or their immediate family members, other than those who are Federal Health Care Program beneficiaries (e.g., Medicare, Champus, etc.)

What does professional courtesy look like?

Professional courtesy means making no charge to anyone, patient or insurance, for medical care. There are no special exceptions in the law that allow professional courtesy to physicians in situations where the same courtesy could not be extended to all patients.

What does the Kentucky bar Resource Center do?

The resource center offers a Find a Mentor service through which attorneys may connect with experienced attorneys for in-person mentoring and support and a Lawyer to Lawyer service which allows attorneys to contact Attorney Advisors via email and/or telephone for assistance with questions.

Is there an ethics hotline for the KBA?

The KBA Ethics Hotline trained volunteers are authorized to provide personal advice promptly upon request to members. Do you need help determining whether an advertisement complies with the Advertising Rules and Advertising Regulations? You may request an advisory opinion by the Attorney Advertising Commission.

How to report an ethics violation in KY?

We invite you to report suspected violations of the Executive Branch Code of Ethics by telephone at 1-800-664-7954 or emailing the Commission’s Executive Director at: [email protected]

When to contact the Kentucky Bar Association ( kylap )?

If you are a member experiencing problems related to stress, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, other addictions, or other psychological problems, please contact KYLAP. All calls are confidential. SCR 3.990 Are you unsure about what ethical course to take in a situation?